Sova Recon Bolt Lineups On Haven in VALORANT(Attacking)


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With our trusty Russian Initiator, we return to VALORANT’s only triple-bomb site map: Haven.

Sova Recon Bolt Lineups On Haven in VALORANT(Attacking)

Let’s look at some useful Sova Recon Bolt lineups for the Attacking side this time. Because of Haven’s unique triple bomb-site setup, knowing which bomb site has the least number of Defenders can help increase the Attackers’ chances of securing a bomb plant.

Sova’s Recon Bolt Ability will be valuable to any team on either side of the map on Haven. However, we have gathered some of the most useful Sova Recon Bolt lineups for the Attackers’ side in Haven for this guide. These lineups are easy to execute and are easily repeatable within any match.

Heavenly Haven

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Today’s Sova Recon Bolt lineup takes us to an interesting map in VALORANT: Haven.

Haven is VALORANT’s first-ever triple-bombsite map, which features an A-bomb site, a B-bomb site, and now a C-bomb site. Because of how this unique triple bomb-site map is laid out, Haven can be quite difficult for attackers and defenders.

Attackers will have difficulty entering bomb sites because of the narrow passageways toward the three bomb sites. Defenders can smoke off these entryways and effectively stall or quickly stop an Attacker’s push.

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On the other hand, Defenders might have a hard time defending and retaking Haven. Because of the extra bomb site in Haven, Defenders must watch four to five different entryways as a team. Each entryway will have only one defender since teams in VALORANT consist of just five players.

Retakes are also quite difficult for Defenders as the entryways towards either of the three bomb sites, as mentioned before, are quite narrow and easy to smoke out or wall off.

Sova Recon Bolt

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Sova’s Recon Bolt is arguably one of the most valuable Signature Agent Abilities in VALORANT.

Recon Bolt is a cooldown-based Ability that refreshes every forty (40) seconds. His Recon Bolt also features a charge meter so Sova players can alter the distance the arrow travels before it lands. Players can add up to two Bounces to the Recon Bolt Arrow, which opens up a world of possibilities regarding lineups.

When used correctly, Sova’s Recon Bolt is the closest thing players can get to wallhacks without the repercussions associated with hacking. When placed at certain spots within Spike Sites, Recon Bolt can reveal most of, if not everything, inside the Spike Site. This makes it a potent tool when Attacking or Defending bomb sites.

Today we will focus on Attacker-side Sova Recon Bolt Lineups, which can increase your team’s chances of securing a bomb plant in any three bomb sites. Let’s get started!

Haven Attacking – A-site AverageJonas God Arrow


AverageJonas is arguably the most popular streamer to ever main our Russian Hunter, Sova. Thanks to the hundreds of hours of gameplay that AverageJonas has invested in Sova, he has been able to create some of the cheesiest Recon Bolt lineups in VALORANT.

AverageJonas’s A-site God Arrow is easy to line up and lands very quickly in A-site. This first Recon Bolt Lineup is no exception. This Recon Bolt Lineup reveals almost all of Haven A-site and can be difficult for Defenders to destroy since it lands on the spot almost hidden from the usual in-game field of view.

  1. Look for this corner in A Garden:
  2. Tuck yourself in the corner and turn around towards this tree.
  3. Place the tip of the HUD line just above this small V-shaped gap in the leaves.
  4. Do a three-bar charge with no bounces.

When done properly, the Recon Bolt should land on this corner of this roof:


And reveal most, if not all, of the A-site:


Haven Attacking – A Long Peek Recon Bolt


Defenders can usually be seen holding from A Long and peeking towards A Lobby when playing Defense in Haven. Defenders love holding the A Long angle with an Operator or Vandal hoping to get a free kill at A Lobby.

Defenders are at a disadvantage when trying to challenge the A Long Defender because the A Long Defender always gets to a better spot and can secure a better angle even before the Attackers can enter A Lobby.

With this in mind, this next Recon Bolt Lineup aims to push back the A Long Defender, so you and your team can take more space in A Long as you make your way toward the A-site.

  1. Stand on the same corner as the previous Recon Bolt lineup:
  2. Look for the left corner of this trapezoid-shaped roof.
    image 2
  3. Place the diamond charge indicator’s left tip on the same tip as the marked spot. It should fit perfectly.
    image 3
  4. Charge the shot to two bars with no bounces.

When done properly, the Recon Bolt should land on top of this A Long building’s roof:


And reveal most of A Long and some of A-site:

12 2

Haven Attacking – Mid-Courtyard Anti-push Recon Bolt


A five-person Attacker A-site will leave the middle and B-site open for Defenders to push and flank out Attackers toward A-site.

We can line up and land this simple jumping-arrow lineup to avoid getting flanked by Defenders or ping any player pushing up the middle. This next lineup can help your team safely take more space toward A-site without fearing and worrying about being flanked by Defenders.

  1. Stand on the same corner at A Garden as the previous Recon Bolt lineup:
  2. Tuck yourself in the corner and then turn around and look for these pillars.
  3. Place your crosshair just beneath the fourth pillar from the left.
    image 4
  4. Charge your shot to two bars with no bounces and do a jump-fire.

When done correctly, the Recon Bolt Arrow should land just underneath this building’s roof:


And reveal most of the Mid-courtyard area:


Haven Attacking – B Backsite/Gong Recon Bolt


Heaven B-site’s location makes it difficult to land a straightforward Recon Bolt inside B-site. Fortunately, Sova’s Recon Bolt allows us to alter the arrow’s trajectory using bounces. Our following lineup will use cheesy angles and bounces to land a Recon Bolt inside B-site.

B-site is difficult to enter as an Attacker in Haven because Middle-courtyard is the only direct lane towards B-site. B-site entrance is often walled off by an enemy Sage or smoked off by the enemy Controller Agent.

This Recon Bolt lineup reveals most of the B-Backsite so you and your team can take control of the B-site safer and faster.

  1. Stand in the same corner as the previous Recon Bolt lineups:
  2. Turn around and look for the right tip of the topmost roof.
    image 5
  3. Place the left tip of the diamond charge indicator on the tip above the roof.
    image 6
  4. Charge the shot to three bars with two bounces.

When done properly, the Recon Bolt should eventually land just on top of the B-site Gong and reveal most of the B-backsite:


Haven Attacking – Garage Recon Bolt


If you and your team decide to take C-site, you must take control of the Garage. Taking control of the Garage is important because the Garage enables Defenders to come from two different angles toward C-site.

Having zero Garage control can make post-plant difficult for your team as you must check and hold multiple angles. Your teammates might even get flanked if a Defender pushes out Mid-courtyard and makes their way toward C Long.

Garage control also helps cut off any rotating Defenders from A and B-site.

  1. Stand on the right corner of the middle barrier at the round start:
  2. Turn towards the Garage doors.
  3. Place your crosshair just under the square-shaped details on the door frame.
    image 7
  4. Charge the shot to the max with no bounces.

When done correctly, the Recon Bolt should make its way inside the Garage:


And reveal anyone inside the Garage:


Haven Attacking – C-site God Arrow


C-site is the largest bomb site in Haven. As Attackers make their way toward the bomb site, they are forced into a long and narrow lane toward C-site. The narrow lane towards C-site can make entering the bomb site difficult for Attackers.

This next Recon Bolt Lineup reveals almost everything inside the C-site. This Recon Bolt Lineup can help deter Defenders from more passive positions, such as Spawn, so you and your team can safely take control of the C-site.

  1. Look for this corner in A-Long:
  2. Stand in the corner and walk to the left while keeping yourself against the wall.
  3. Align the edges of these two buildings.
  4. Aim for the tip of this building’s roof frame.
    image 8
  5. Give the shot one bounce and max charge, and crouch before firing.

When done properly, the Recon Bolt should land just under the Garage building’s roof edge:

40 2

And reveal almost all of the C-site:


The Hunter in Haven

Sova’s Recon Bolt is a valuable tool as both an Attacker and Defender in Haven. His Recon Bolt Signature Ability is a powerful ability Sova players can use to weed out players from crucial positions, so their team can take space around the map faster and safer.

When Attacking in Haven, Sova’s Recon Bolt can give your teammates early information about Defender positions. With the information you gather from Sova’s Recon Bolt, your team can quickly Attack whichever bomb site has the least number of Defenders.

With that in mind, we hope you will find these lineups helpful when Attacking Haven as Sova.


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