VALORANT: Sova Lineups on Haven (Retake)


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Initiate your team’s counter-attack on Haven with these simple yet effective Sova Recon Dart Lineups.

VALORANT: Sova Lineups on Haven (Retake)

Attacking on Haven is arguably much easier since the Defending team is typically spread out between any of the three bomb sites on the map. Since the Defenders are generally spread out, bombsites often lack the necessary workforce to deal with an entire team’s worth of Attackers.

Defending is a different story – the Defending team needs to predict the enemy team’s movements and coordinate with their teammates to delay the Attacking team’s push and allow teammates to rotate and help at any given bombsite. In most cases, however, the Defending team is often forced to play Retakes, a difficult situation without good coordination and strategy.

You can make Retakes more manageable on Haven through Sova’s Recon Dart. Knowing the best spots to place Sova’s Recon Bolt will allow you to clear corners and cubbies as you Retake bombsites on Haven.

We have compiled some of the best Sova Recon Bolt Lineups for Retaking on Haven in this guide.

Haven A-site Sova Lineups

A-site is the most difficult bombsite to Retake on Haven. Despite having three different lanes for rotations (A-Main, A-Short, Defender Spawn to A-Site Entrance) the Attacking team will generally have better defensive positions and angles on post-plant, putting the Defending team in a difficult spot on Retake.

The most important spots to cover with Sova’s Recon Dart on Retake are Graffiti and B-Short. Forcing the Defending team out of these positions will give your teammates access to A-site from A-Short and Defender Spawn Entrance.

To complete the Retake, your team can simply manually clear every other corner on-site such as A-Hell, A-Default, and A-Main.

A-site Retake Arrow from A-Link

  1. Stand in this corner in A-Link
1 13

2. Place the bottom line of the Recon Dart Charge Bar on this corner of the roof:

2 14
3 15

3. No bounce + Max Charge:

4 15

When done properly, Sova’s Recon Dart should stick onto the edge of the roof and reveal Grafitti, A-Short, and most of A-site.

5 14

A-site Fast Retake Arrow

  1. Stand on top of this box outside in A-Link:
6 15

2. Aim for the second small window:

7 12

3. Place the left tip of the second Bounce diamond in this corner:

8 10

4. No Bounce + 1-bar charge:

9 8

When done properly, this Recon Dart will reveal most of the A-site, including Grafitti, A-Short, and all close corners when entering from Defender Spawn.

10 9

Haven B-site Sova Lineups

B-site is equally challenging to Retake since A-Link and C-site are choke points the enemy team can easily smoke off on post-plant. The good news is that a well-placed Sova Recon Dart will reveal all of B-site on Retake.

Unfortunately, there are not many options for Retake Lineups on Haven B-site due to the bombsite’s closed-off layout, so you will have to settle for the one featured below.

  1. Stand in this corner at A-Tower:
17 5

2. Place the bottom tip of the second Charge diamond in this corner:

21 6

3. Do two Bounces at Max Charge:

20 5

When done properly, Sova’s Recon Dart should land inside B-site and reveal the entire bombsite.

22 5

Haven C-site Sova Lineups

C-site is arguably the easiest bombsite to Retake on Haven since you have three different lanes that you and your teammates can use on Retake – C-Long, C-Garage, and the C-Link area.

There is not much cover the Attacking team can use on post-plant, so a simple Sova Recon Bolt that reveals all of C-site should be enough to give your team a general idea of enemy positions on Retake.

Sinatraa has one of the cheesiest Sova Recon Dart Lineups in VALORANT that can reveal the entire C-site on Retake, including C-Logs, C-Platform, C-Default, and the spot just behind the double boxes at the C-site Entrance.

C-site Retake Lineup (Sinatraa)

  1. Stand in this corner in C-Link:
11 11

2. Place the tip of the Recon Dart Charge line on this rusty part of the pipe:

12 6
13 9

3. Do 1-Bounce + 2-bar Charge:

14 7
15 9


Knowing the best spots to place Sova’s Recon Bolt will greatly improve your team’s chances of winning Retakes on Haven. Of course, the best-case scenario is not having to play Retake at all, but we can’t always have nice things, can we?

With that said, you must always ensure you have your Recon Bolt ready for these situations, so saving your Recon Bolt for Retakes might be a good idea rather than for Early Information on Haven.

If you do decide to throw a Recon Dart for early information, make sure to do it as soon as the barrier drops so Recon Dart can start cooling down and give you a chance to use another one later in the round of Retakes.

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