Spellbreak: Key Of Liberation | How to Get It



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Spellbreak is an action-witchcraft game that can be played on many game consoles. Spellbreak is a battle royal game, and players try to survive by making various spells with the characters. The part that distinguishes Spellbreak from other battle royal games is that the game has anime drawings.

Spellbreak: Key Of Liberation | How to Get It

Players can customize their characters’ appearance in the game, and one of these customizations is the Key of Liberation. Let’s look at what does Key of Liberation do in Spellbreak.

What Does Key Of Liberation Do In Spellbreak

Players can change the appearance of their characters by making specific customizations to their characters. These customizations can be obtained by going to Cosmetics. Artifacts are also one of these character customizations, and they add a different look to the characters and hang behind them. The examples of the artifacts are Frozen Heart, Dynamo, Geode Ring, and Key of Liberation.

Key of Liberation is an artifact as it seems, and players can use it in character customization. It has no other feature than just customization. In other words, it does not affect anything other than the character’s appearance.

The feature that distinguishes the Key of Liberation from other artifacts is that its rarity is epic. If you have it, you have a precious item that sets you apart from other characters. To have the Key of Liberation, you need 800 gold to only buy with real money and get it from Cosmetics.

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