Craftopia Max Character Level | What is Max Level


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Craftopia is a very progressive game. There are individual levels for character, island, Age, or mobs. Like most multiplayer survival action games, you can reach a long way progression-wise. This is also true of Craftopia.

Craftopia Max Character Level | What is Max Level

In Craftopia, even if you reach the max level, you can still have challenging gameplay since the monsters can be higher level than you. So, what is the max level?

What Is The Max Level In Craftopia

Like we said above, there are levels for your character, the island, or mobs. There is also an Age of advancement in the game, which gives you opportunities to make more useful tools.

Max character level in Craftopia is level 50. However, even though that seems very small, it is challenging to reach this level.

Max island level is seven so far, though there are plans to add a substantial amount of levels in the future. You can expect mobs at the highest island level to be above 86-87, with reports stating that players had seen a level 101 dragon.

Well, even though you are limited on levels, it is pretty apparent that this is no problem considering you can find mobs that are almost 50 levels ahead. Furthermore, it is terrific that the developers were clear that they would add more island levels, which will make the world more prominent than it already is.

You can get a picture of how hard it is to get to level 50 when only less than one percent of all Craftopia players have reached it.

Pocket Pair, Craftopia’s developers, didn’t say anything on whether the level cap will be increased. However, it is very likely since they’ll be adding so many more islands, which will be a higher level. For now, we will have to wait and see. Have fun exploring, survivor!

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