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Splinterlands is another enticing game within the blockchain space. It is a trading card game like Gods Unchained, but many things set it apart from its competitors. Of course, it is quite challenging to master Splinterlands. The future is looking bright for the game, so you might want to go ahead and try it out while it is still relatively young.

Splinterlands: Tips For Beginners

It will take some time and a lot of practice to master Splinterlands. It will be easy to beat the AI at first, but if you want to earn a ton of SPS, you should consider going into PVP and joining tournaments. Before you do that, here are some tips for beginners you might want to consider.

Inspect Other Player’s Decks

While you can benefit from having a good deck, creating one considered meta-changing or good is not easy. You will need to learn, and what better place to learn from than other players? You should not be afraid to inspect the decks of the top players or even those that beat you. These could be your key to creating a good set of cards.

While at it, make sure to have more than one deck up your arsenal. Switch things up occasionally if you are on a losing streak with a certain deck.

Always Stay In The Loop Of Updates

Updates are critical to Splinterlands. The developers add new cards and even shake up some stats through these updates. As these changes are crucial, they can drastically change the meta without you knowing. You must always keep yourself in the loop whenever an update is released for the game.

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The updates will be presented to you upon entering the game. Alternatively, you can check out the patch notes from one of the menus. Look for critical information regarding stat changes, balancing, and cards. These are the most important parts of the update, and they can make or break your chances in the game.

Do Not Rush PVP

Most players are excited to dive into the game’s PVP elements to begin earning money. However, even at the lowest ranks, PVP can be challenging for beginners. Do not rush through; instead of learning from your losses against other players, practice fighting against the AI and the adventure modes. That way, you can still get something from battling minus the risk.

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Be patient. The game becomes increasingly difficult the higher your rank is. The last thing you will want is to rush your PVP experience, as that might mean you are not mastering the game at the right pace. Eventually, you will not have any anxiety or pressure when facing off against other players in the game.

Know Your Goal

For starters, you must remember that since there are PVP and PVE aspects in Splinterlands, you must pick what you want to focus on. PVE aspects are all about collecting cards and enjoying the game. On the other hand, the PVP aspect is about earning your SPS and money. You must know what your goal is in the game.

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If you are solely going for the PVE aspect, you do not have to stress too much about your cards, as this is easy. If you want to earn more, that means spending more time playing and spending more money to get the cards you need. This result means you will have a better way of getting SPS and even money from the game.

Invest In The Right Cards

You are not reaching the top with just a few standard cards. You must build your deck to become more versatile and capable of going toe-to-toe with other players. As such, you will eventually need to buy cards from the Marketplace. You do not need thousands to get good cards; all you need is a few dollars if there is a bargain deal.

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You do not need to buy cards. You can get bargain deals for cards and even rent them at the Peakmonsters menu.

Renting cards is a cheap way to have a powerful deck. It might be good in hindsight, but it is more practical to buy cards instead of renting them in the long run. This is not always a good idea, as renting cards will not guarantee a win.

Splinterlands is a fun and challenging game. It will take you more than a few losses to master this game fully. The key is to practice and to have patience at the same time. Hard as it may be, you’ll eventually find a strategy that fits your playstyle. Once you have a strategy, winning becomes a very easy thing.

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