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In Watch Dogs Legion, there are millions of recruits that have special perks and abilities. Some might come with their own designated vehicles too.

Spy Car Cloak | Activate - Watch Dogs Legion

Like this, the special spy operative you can get, comes with a James Bond style car that comes with a very unique ability. This vehicle can turn invisible on the push of a button.

Spy Car Cloak in Watch Dogs Legion

The Spy Car cloak is the same as the regular cloak that you can activate. If you didn’t know, there is a special ability which can turn your character invisible, and you cannot be detected by enemies.

Even though it may seem straightforward to do, players keep experiencing issues with this ability. Upon activation, the car doesn’t go invisible. It may discouraging to players who have finally found the spy operative, to find out that this isn’t working.

But there is a simple workaround to the problem:

How to Activate Spy Car Cloak

To activate this ability, do so via the weapons wheel. Press X and select the Spy Car Cloak ability to activate it.

For consoles is more or less the same. Open your weapons menu and navigate to this ability.

There are also similar gadgets and vehicles which have the same exact problem as the Spy Car Cloak. So, if you find out that your ability isn’t working, activate it like this.

This rarely happens, but nonetheless. It’s strange because the game is developed perfectly, and you can do tons of more complex hacks and abilities, but this issue persists.

We might see an update in the future which mitigates this issue. Until then, use this workaround to activate your spells that are not working.

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