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With all of the different equipment, abilities, and characters in Genshin Impact, new players can get overwhelmed by the character screen’s numerous options.

Genshin Impact Weapon | How to Equip Weapon

You might have even four party members, so it’s confusing equipping the right gear for each. Not to mention all of the artifacts and ascensions you need to follow. All of this is to say that many beginner players have issues starting with all of the options for their characters.

Particularly, equipping weapons. But worry not, because we have devised a guide on how to equip a weapon in Genshin Impact.

How to Equip a Weapon in Genshin Impact

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There are different kinds of weapons in this game, of course. Each character has a particular primary weapon that it uses to fight off the dark forces and Stormterror.

You can get weapons in any number of ways. Quests, chests, crates, dungeons, and side activities, all have a chance to give you a potent weapon you can use.

Nonetheless, you can make a weapon at the blacksmith or weaponsmith yourself with ores and similar resources. But gathering ores can be a bit boring. However, you can make some good weapons this way.

What happens when you want to equip a weapon? Well, this is how you do can equip weapon in Genshin Impact:

  1. Open the controls wheel and choose the character.
  2. Navigate to the character you want the weapon to be equipped on (tabs on the top).
  3. Go to weapons.
  4. Find to that particular weapon, and click equip.

You can also do fast equips if you go into your inventory and select quickly equip. Nevertheless, both ways are quite straightforward, and fast equipment is usually used when you acquire items and equip them right away.

Even if you are not searching for secret chests and interactions, you will receive many weapon rewards just by playing the story-line. However, if you don’t, you can make them or loot them from chests anywhere in the world. Good luck!

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