Star Wars Squadrons: Error Code 918 | How To Fix


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Star Wars Squadrons has been released recently and has been highly appreciated by Star Wars fans. The most liked feature of the game was that it had a multiplayer component. In Star Wars Squadrons, you can connect to the game online and fight other ship pilots.

Star Wars Squadrons: Error Code 918 | How To Fix

On the other hand, since the game has just been released, the players encounter some errors. Since the game was released, the most common and reported error is the 918 code.

Only players who are PC gamer on EA Games and Steam encounter with this error code. Error code 918 is mostly caused by the game’s multiplayer feature and says your account has been restricted from accessing the game’s online features.

How To Fix Error Code 918 in Star Wars Squadrons

error code 918

Many players who tried to access Star Wars: Squadrons via Steam or EA Games and encountered this error sent the necessary reports to the developers.

It is claimed that the regional time zone mostly causes this error. Also, some players who encountered this problem stated that they resolved it by re-logging into their accounts. Also, it is said that the issue was resolved when some players disabled their firewall systems for Star Wars: Squadrons.

On the other hand, these solutions are not official solutions from the developers of Star Wars: Squadrons. According to the statement made by the developers of the game, this problem will be resolved as soon as possible. For this, you can follow the game’s official social media accounts.

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