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Learn everything you need to know about the Beach Farm in Stardew Valley!

Stardew Valley: Beach Farm Guide

The long-awaited Stardew Valley 1.5 update finally arrived on mobile devices earlier this January. The massive, free update was originally released on PC in 2020 and later ported to PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Switch consoles. It adds a new island, new items and machines, some quality-of-life enhancements, and a new farm type.

Now that IOS and Android users can finally access the 1.5 update content, it is time to talk about the latest farm added to the game, the Beach Farm!

But before you decide on building a farm life around an open ocean, here are some of the Beach Farm’s features that may have caused players to veer from choosing it.

Why you should not pick the Beach Farm…

Sprinklers not allowed

Screenshot 20230113 112256

Perhaps one of the reasons why the Beach Farm is not appreciated enough is that Sprinklers can’t be placed on the sandy ground — and the whole farm is surrounded by sand.

The map has 2,700 tiles where you can grow plants despite not being able to utilize sprinklers that will water your crops automatically.

The only area where you can set down sprinklers is the rectangular land between the cave and the pond on the west side of the beach.

This tillable ground only has 202 tiles, so you must pick the most lucrative seeds for each season to maximize this precious space.

Unfortunately, it’s a long walk from your farmhouse to this patch of land. In addition, you will have to work your way through clearing up all the rocks, trees, and weeds that cover up this land.

Most trees here are large logs that only a Steel Axe, an upgraded version of your starter axe, can chop. Therefore, you can not use this part of the farm early in the game.

If you plan on using Retaining Soil so your crops will stay hydrated until they are ready to get harvested, you will still need to increase your Farming Skill to level 4 and stash lots of rocks.

But you cannot guarantee the effectiveness of this fertilizer unless you use Deluxe Retaining Soil. And you can only acquire this item after you have unlocked Ginger Island.

That leaves you with two options: either upgrade your watering can early and manually spray your crops or find another way to gain profit aside from selling vegetables and fruits.

Not for beginners

Screenshot 20230108 164741

With crops being out of the question, you can rely on other methods to earn plenty of gold. But if you are new to this game, you may struggle to find the most financially rewarding items at the start. 

Profits aside, the Beach Farm is wide and massive. It is not as spacious as the Standard Farm, but you might find it difficult to plan out the final layout of your Beach Farm due to its jagged terrains and corners.

Ocean Fish Only

Screenshot 20230117 003232

You can catch all kinds of Ocean fish on the Beach Farm. This trait may benefit those who do not like walking to the beach just to go fishing.

The Beach Farm’s fishing spot is the sea; you will have no trouble catching a particular ocean fish to fulfill a fetch quest from Willy.

However, if angling is your primary focus in your current save, choosing the Riverland Farm would be more beneficial for you.

Being on a farm surrounded by endless streams of water densely populated by River and Forest fish means you have a high chance of catching loads of fish within a day.

So there are greater odds for you to level up your Fishing skill faster in the Riverland Farm.

With that out of the way, let’s tackle why the Beach Farm is one of the best farm types in the game.

Why you should choose the Beach Farm…

Animal Farm

Screenshot 20230117 090720

When you can’t rely on the efficiency of Sprinklers for mass crop production, you can focus on taking care of animals for the items they drop.

The good thing about caring for animals is that most can produce eggs or milk daily, whereas most crops can only be harvested when they mature.

It may take a while to amass a bunch of Coops and Barns. Upgrading all your buildings to get Auto-feeders will cost you a fortune.

With the addition of the Auto-Grabber, a machine that gathers all the animal products for you. The Auto-Petter is a piece of equipment included in the 1.5 update that pets animals on your behalf.

But if you save enough money and resources to build tons of coops and barns, the payoff will be worth it! You can also get Fish Ponds to acquire valuable items from different aquatic creatures.

Tree Farm

Screenshot 20230116 221455

Some may forget that trees are also just as important as crops. Trees have plenty to offer when it comes to valuable resources. Common trees like Oak, Pine, and Maple Trees can spawn on your farm without plopping sprinklers around them.

You can even let common trees multiply by shaking their branches (pressing the Check/Do Action button) to scatter their seeds on the ground.

While Fruit Trees are much suited to be grown in the Greenhouse or the Island Farm, you can not deny that these trees can add color and beauty to your Beach Farm.

Fruit tree Saplings are quite expensive. But they are worth every penny because they can bear fruit every day.

Like plants, these trees can sprout fruit according to the season, but they will never wilt and die even if the season changes.

Tea Bushes can not only fill up the spaces on your farm, but you can also use them as Fences that will never break or wither. Conveniently enough, these tiny trees that sprout tea leaves can also grow without water.

Mahogany Trees yield Hardwood. These are essential materials used for constructing machines and farm buildings.

And now that mobile users can finally grow Mahogany Trees and Mushroom Trees, you’ll be glad you have plenty of space for trees on your farm. 

Red and Purple Mushrooms from Mushroom Trees are more profitable than wood when sold. Additionally, Morel, Chanterelle, Red, and Purple Mushrooms can be crafted into Life Elixir, a consumable item that can fully restore energy and health.

Artisan Goods Farm

Screenshot 20230117 090536

Most players take the Artisan Goods route to become rich in Stardew Valley, which is understandable. After all, it is the most effective way to gain ridiculous amounts of money. But it is certainly not that easy.

You will need plenty of resources, time, and money to create a plethora of Artisan Machines. On top of all that, you will need lots of space to place all your money-making equipment.

If you decide to play on the Beach Farm, all the free spaces that are supposed to be for your crops can be given to your artisan machines.

Although you can place machines all over Stardew Valley, as long as they will not obstruct the path of the NPCs, it would not hurt to squeeze in some more Kegs and Preserves Jars on your farm for your benefit.

Making Artisan Goods is indeed a long and costly process. But some things are just worth the wait. After some time, you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labor and purchase all the items you want in the game.

Free Resources

Screenshot 20230117 005847

All farm types have attractive features that make them special. One of the Beach Farm’s unique attributes is that it can provide you with resources you usually find on beaches.

Cockles, sea urchins, and corals can be foraged at a distance from your farmhouse without spending time going to Pelican Town Beach.

You will be surprised at how helpful this perk is if you need to craft Speed-Gros to complete some bundles in the Community Center.

On some days, Supply Crates can also get washed on the Beach Farm shores. The content of these crates can take you by surprise, as they may give you some seeds, artifacts, food, bombs, or fertilizers.

Visually pleasing

Screenshot 20230117 090439

If you’ve achieved game completion before, you might know how magnificent an endgame farm looks. Imagine making a beautiful farm near where the sand meets the ocean!

Veteran players would choose the Beach Farm for its features, perks, and pretty, soothing looks. It is the ultimate cozy experience if you are the type who indulges in these kinds of games.

In conclusion, the Beach Farm is highly recommended for those who have played Stardew Valley at least once.

If you are a new farmer, you might find getting the game’s drift difficult without knowing its mechanics.

Overall, the Beach Farm is a beautiful map for players looking to try a new play style while building a cozy, tropical farm you can be proud of.

And that is it for our Stardew Valley: Beach Farm guide! You might also want to check out our guide to The Best Farm to Choose in Stardew Valley to learn more about the pros and cons of every available farm type.

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