T-side Cache Smokes You Should Know (2022)


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Smokes are all you need to Cache in your victory on this fan-favorite CSGO map.

T-side Cache Smokes You Should Know (2022)

Cache saw a ton of use in the years it served in the CSGO Active Duty pool. Shortly after March 2019, Cache was briefly removed from the Active Duty pool and replaced Vertigo.

There was nothing wrong with the map regarding competitive balancing, though. Like Dust2 and Inferno, Cache was just due for its eventual facelift. After a few months of rework by its original creator, FMPONE, the brand new Cache was revealed in a showmatch at ESL One New York in September of the same year.

If you have been away from CSGO since 2019, then some smoke spots and markers for your lineups might look different from the Cache you are used to. Do not worry. We have you covered.

Here is an updated list of smokes for Cache you should know for 2022.

The CSGO Smoke Grenade


The Smoke Grenade is a treasured piece of utility in CSGO that is often used to block off enemy sightlines and angles within a bomb site. It is a powerful tool that can help your team enter and take control of bomb sites with ease.

The smoke grenade bounces a few times before it detonates. The number of times a smoke grenade bounces before it settles is dictated by the angle and the type of throw the player uses (right-click/left-click/jump-throw.)

34 3

Another excellent use for the CSGO Smoke Grenade is thawing out Incendiary Grenades or Molotovs. When thrown directly at Molotovs or Incendiary grenades, the Smoke Grenade acts as an instant extinguisher for the ensuing fires.

CSGO Smoke Grenades can be purchased within the buy period for 300 credits. When placed in the ideal locations, they can cover an area large enough to block player vision during site entry and defense.

Since the recent major update to CSGO, unused grenades can now be dropped and picked up by any player in-game.

Cache A-site – Forklift Smoke (A-site 1/3 Smokes)

image 254

As a T-side player, peeking from A-Main towards A-site will expose you to two primary CT angles, Car and Quads.

As part of a three-smoke setup for an A-site attack, this Forklift smoke setup aims to block CT players’ sightlines from Car and Middle/Highway. Blocking the sightline of the Car player is crucial since CT players with even half-decent aim with an AWP can easily score kills from that angle.

  1. Go to this corner just outside of A-Long
1 20

2. Stand in the corner:

2 21

3. Look up and aim for the Middle of the third tube from the top:

image 252

4. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

image 253

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should completely cover the Forklift/Highway area:

image 254

Cache A-site – Quads Smoke (A-site 2/3 Smokes)

image 260

The Quads area is another familiar CT spot for Cache A-site. The Quads area gives a direct sightline towards A-Main to score a quick pick for CTs.

For T-side, the Quads area is one of the first angles T-players should be checking when trying to take control of the A-site.

A quick smoke for A-Quads can help your team enter A-site much easier and forces the A-site CT players to fall back into more defensive cover.

  1. Go to the same area as the two previous Smoke Lineups:
6 23

2. Tuck yourself in the corner between the wall and the wooden pallet:

7 20

3. Take your Smoke Grenade out, then place the small gap on the Smoke Grenade on the right tip of the 5th tube from the right:

1 22

4. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

image 259

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should completely cover CT players’ sightline towards A-Main:

image 260

Cache A-site – Backsite Smoke (A-site 3/3 Smokes)

image 258

A smoke grenade placed at A-Backsite will complete this three-smoke combo for Cache A-site.

While A-Backsite is not a mandatory smoke spot for T-side, T-players can use this smoke to mask off their post-plant positions. Rotating CT players will have no idea where T-players will come from without vision of the site once the smokes fade.

  1. Go to the same corner at A-Long as the Forklift Smoke:
4 26

2. Get on top of the small ledge along the right side wall:

image 255

3. Look up towards the same tube-frame:

5 16

4. Aim for the left side of the third steel tube from the top:

image 256

5. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

image 257

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should land at A-Backsite and cover the entire lane:

image 258

Cache Middle – Connector Smoke

image 261

Most tactical shooting games will have maps consisting of an A-site, B-site, and a middle area that splits both bombsites. This basic layout is commonly played by splitting up team members between A or B-site and Middle.

For T-side, control of the Middle area means that the opposite bombsite’s CT rotations can be cut or intercepted. CT players on the T-side’s bombsite of choice will have to deal with players from multiple angles since T-players will most likely come from the flanking lanes afforded to them by having Middle control.

With that in mind, having control of Middle is vital for successful bombsite takes on Cache. Here is a smoke for Middle Connector so you and your teammates can pass through Middle safely.

  1. From T-Spawn, look for this Crosswalk:
8 16

2. Align yourself with the third Crosswalk strip from the right:

9 14

3. Aim for the top of these windows:

2 16

4. Run forward until your Crosshair aligns with the windows’ middle point:

image 262

5. Running Jump-throw the Smoke Grenade:

Note: If you need help with executing perfect jump-throws in CSGO, check out our guide on How to Jump-throw Perfectly Every Time

image 263

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should cover the Connector area perfectly.

image 264

Cache Middle – White Box Smoke

10 18

The most common CT spots for Cache’s Middle land are Connector and White box.

The White box is particularly challenging to counter from Middle Garage since CT players peeking over the white box will only have a small part of their hitbox showing. CT players can easily see T-players at Middle Garage as well.

To make Middle control simpler for your team, you can entirely smoke off the White box and not worry about it. CT players will be left with an unusable spot for defending the Middle lane, so they will most likely fall back into more defensive cover towards A-site.

  1. Stand diagonally with the same Crosswalk from T-Spawn as the previous Smoke Lineup:
image 265

2. Aim for the top-middle of the Garage roofline:

image 266

3. Run forward until your Crosshair aligns with the following line down from the roofline:

image 267

4. Jump-throw the Smoke Grenade while running:

image 268

With some help from our Jump-throw keybind, you can throw these White Box smokes perfectly every time.

10 19

Cache Middle – Highway Smoke

image 269

Picking up where we left off with the White Box smoke, we can counter the expected reaction from the CT White Box player with a quick smoke lineup for Highway.

Since we expect the White Box player to fall back to A-site and surrounding areas, we can easily block off the Middle/Highway sightline from the A-site with this simple smoke lineup.

  1. Go to this corner on the Truck at T-Spawn:
11 9

2. Look for this small tip on the A-Main roof:

3 10

3. Aim for the left side of the tip on the roof, then drag your mouse up vertically until it aligns with this pole on the middle garage roof:

5 6
4 6

4. Jump-throw the Smoke Grenade:

image 270

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should land right in the middle of the Highway:

image 271

Cache B-site – B-Main Entrance Smoke

image 272

In Cache B-site, CT players can camp in at least five different spots, which all have a direct sightline over B-Main: CT Spawn, Heaven, Headshot, Checkers, and Default. 

That sounds like a lot of angles to check as a T-player. To remedy this, you can smoke off B-Main and use the smoke cover to cross over to Checkers and take that entryway towards B-site instead.

The rest of your team can push through the B-Main smoke as well. A few pop flashes should do the trick.

  1. In Long-Hall, look for this booth:
image 273

2. Align yourself with the left frame of the door:

image 274

3. Turn around and aim for the top of the third Window from the left:

6 4
image 275

4. Run forward until your Crosshair aligns with the top of the third Window itself:

image 276

5. Running left-click-throw:

image 277

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should cover the entire B-Main Entrance:

12 13

Cache B-site – CT Spawn Smoke

image 278

CT Spawn will be the primary entryway that CT players use to retake Cache B-site. Thankfully, once T-side players have complete control of the B-site, CT players will have a limited number of angles available to them from CT Spawn, making post-plant play easy for T-side players.

We can completely block off their sightline towards sight with a simple smoke lineup for CT Spawn.

  1. In Sun Room, get on top of the ledge and tuck yourself in the corner between the large box and the fence:
image 279
13 8

2. Take your Smoke Grenade out:

14 16

3. Align the left tip of the Smoke Grenade with the top-left corner of the roll-up door. It should slot in nicely like a puzzle piece:

7 6

4. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

image 280

The Smoke Grenade should land just inside of B-site/CT Spawn Entrance:

15 7

Cache B-site – Site Smoke

image 281

This B-site smoke is best used in conjunction with B-site molly lineups to make sure that CT players cannot use the B-site smoke as cover. Otherwise, this smoke lineup could work against your team since CT players can easily hide inside the smoke.

Unfortunately, we are still in the process of creating a guide for molly lineups for Cache. Make sure you check the PlayerAssist website frequently to avoid missing that article when it comes out.

This smoke lineup is still great for blocking B-site CT players’ vision over the rest of the site. Your team has to be extra diligent with clearing the corners around B-site whenever you use this smoke.

  1. Go to the same corner at Sun Room as the previous Smoke Grenade lineup:
16 8

2. Aim for the lower right corner of this tile on top of the windows:

9 3

3. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

17 7

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should completely cover B-site itself:

18 7

Smokes Out!

There you have it! Today’s smoke lineups are standard setup smokes that are common yet effective for T-side on Cache. These smokes aim to help you and your team enter bombsites safely by blocking off CT-side’s sightlines towards common entryways around the map.

We recommend that you learn all of the smoke lineups featured here today because every single one of these lineups will be useful for playing T-side on Cache.


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