The Complete Kamizun Shrine Tears of the Kingdom Guide


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This guide will teach you everything you need to know about Kamizun Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom!

The Complete Kamizun Shrine Tears of the Kingdom Guide

To acquire the Lights of Blessing in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Link must complete Shrines. Link can exchange these Lights of Blessing for more stamina or heart containers, increasing Link’s vitality.

The Kamizun Shrine, entitled “Proving Grounds: Beginner,” is one of numerous Shrines Link finds scattered across Hyrule. To clear this Shrine, Link must take down a few enemies. Link can get to the altar at the shrine’s end through this.

Though it looks kind of intimidating, this Shrine is very simple to complete. In this guide, we will walk you through everything Link must do to finish the Kamizun Shrine, locate the treasure chest inside, and obtain the Light of Blessing. So, ready your weapons as it is time to complete the Kamizun Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom!


A screenshot of Kamizun Shrine on the map in Tears of the Kingdom

Link can discover the Kamizun Shrine east of the Forest of Time. This area is southeast of the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower or south of the Teniten Shrine. To be exact, the Link can find the Kamizun Shrine at these coordinates: -0176, -1557, 0023. After activating the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower, the map reveals ten Shrines that Link may find in the area, including the Kamizun Shrine.

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Proving Grounds: Beginner

A screenshot of the opening to the Kamizun Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

Inside the Kamizun Shrine, Link must defeat four Constructs. Sounds easy enough, right? However, there is a twist: Link will be stripped of all his items. This means that Link must defeat the Constructs with only the items available inside the Shrine.

Kamizun Shrine Tears of the Kingdom Guide

To complete the Teniten Shrine and get a Light of Blessing, Link must do the following:

  1. Upon entering the Shrine, Link loses all his items, weapons, shields, bows, and even armor. Head down the stairs, and halfway, there are several weapons Link can pick up. Link can pick up a Wooden Stick, an Old Wooden Shield, an Old Wooden Bow, and a bundle of 10 Arrows.
  2. Next, head down to the Shrine, and you will see several platforms with differing heights. Just ahead, there are three Constructs and another on top of a platform on the right side. There is also a concrete barrel on this side of the room.
  3. On the left side of the room, there is a boulder and a plant with three Fire Fruits. Link can also see the altar ahead, but it is still inaccessible. Near the doorway to the altar, there is also a spike metal sphere, a Long Stick, and another Wooden Stick.
  4. Hold the L button and select the Fuse ability with the right stick. Approach the boulder, concrete barrel, or spiky metal sphere, then, once able, press the Y button to fuse the object to Link’s Wooden Stick. Link can also do this to all the other base weapons and objects in the room.
  5. Link should have a lot of powerful fused weapons ready to switch them easily. The player also has a choice to fuse them to Link’s weapons after Link’s stuff is returned to him. This is the player’s choice.
  6. After that, out of all the Constructs, defeat the one on top of the platform first. This is because it will shoot arrows at Link, which can be annoying. Hold the ZR button to aim Link’s Bow and Arrow to defeat it.
  7. Aim at the Construct on top of the platform, and let go of the ZR button to shoot the arrow. Link may need to do this a couple of times. Also, it would help to shoot it in its eye to deal massive damage. Link can also fuse one of the Fire Fruits found in the area to Link’s arrow to deal more damage and burn the enemy. After defeating it, the Construct will drop a Construct Bow.
  8. Then, Link must now defeat the other three Constructs. Link can run around the room and get rid of them one by one using the fused weapons. In doing so, multiple enemies attacking will not overwhelm Link.
  9. Also, Link can dodge the enemies’ attacks at the right time to trigger a Flurry Rush. Doing so will help deal massive damage. After defeating them, one of the Constructs will drop a Long Stick, the other will drop a Thick Stick, and the last one will drop an Old Wooden Shield and a Wooden Stick. A couple of them will also drop Zonai Charges.
  10. After defeating all of the enemies, Link will receive all of his items, weapons, shields, bows, and armor back. Then, the doorway to the altar is opened. Enter through the newly opened doorway to find a treasure chest. Open the chest to get a Spring Shield.
  11. Finally, approach the altar and press the A button to interact with the sigil. Then, Link will then receive a Light of Blessing!

Kamizun Shrine, designated “Proving Grounds: Beginner,” is one of the ten Shrines located in the region of the map that the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower reveals, as was previously mentioned. The nine additional shrines nearby are the Kyokugon Shrine, or the “Alignment of Circles;” Sonapan Shrine, or the “Missing Pathways;” Tajikats Shrine, or the “Building With Logs;” Mayachin Shrine, or the “A Fixed Device;” Tsutsu-um Shrine or “The Stakes Guide You;” Tadarok Shrine or the “Fire and Water,” Teniten Shrine or the “Combat Training: Throwing,” and Usazum Shrine or the “Rauru’s Blessing.”

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