The Medium: How to Escape the Monster



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The Medium is a truly terrifying game that will keep you on the edge of your seat most of the time.

The Medium: How to Escape the Monster

This game is especially scary when huge bat-looking monsters are on your tail and are chasing you to take you down, and potentially eat you I would imagine. Nevertheless, for some reason even though this part of the game doesn’t look like a mechanical part of the game, it is.

In other words, it looks more like a cut-scene rather than a playable scene, but it turns out that many fail to outrun this gruesome monster.

How to Escape the Monster – The Medium

Most of the turns in this scene are obvious since you can’t go through the openings that have wasps blocking the entrance. However, some are not which might be the reason that so many players get caught by this fictional creature.

In one part of the scene the monster will run straight at you which is exceptionally scary, since most of the time, it will be chasing you from behind. Here, most of the player fail since there is nowhere to go, or is there.

To make it more obvious, the exact scene where players usually die is this one (when the monster appears in front of you):

At this point, all you need to do is go left immediately. The opening here is really hard to spot, but there is a hallway of sorts if you turn to the left.

To make it even more easier for you, here are the exact pathways and turns you need to take in order:

LEFT > RIGHT > RIGHT > LEFT > RIGHT > LEFT (when the monster appears in front of you) > STRAIGHT to the light.

Many of these are the only paths you can take, so it is really easy to outrun the monster. After the last turn left, there will be no more turns, the path will be straight.

Look for the light, as this monster is scared of the light and cannot enter that room!

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