The Survivalists: How to Craft



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Crafting is the most important aspect of the Survivalists, as most survival games actually. Each of them is built on a complex system of crafting to provide the player with the ability and freedom to craft more complex structures of lesser materials.

The Survivalists: How to Craft

The materials on their own sometimes don’t mean much. But they mean a lot more to crafting, since you need certain resources to craft special tools and objects.

It could be overwhelming trying to grasp the crafting aspects of this game, but we are here to tell you how to craft easily.

How to Craft: The Survivalists

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From blueprints, to recipes, to player crafting, and workbenches, the Survivalists crafting system is probably the most puzzling out there right now. But it can be mastered.

We will tell you how each type of crafting works, and what is best for it. This is how to craft in the Survivalists:

  • Character Crafting

This is what you will use at the beginning of the game. To open up this menu, click “C” on your keyboard.

Here you will have a couple of basic items to create, but the most important is a hand-axe which will get you started at the beginning.

After crafting certain items, more will unlock on your blueprint mode.

  • Blueprint Mode

This is same as the character crafting, in terms of availability. Both ways of crafting can be opened anywhere you want, even if you are exploring far in the world.

To open it click “R” on your keyboard. Your next step will probably be making a bed and campfire.

Upon creating those you will probably need to make a Crafting Bench. Click on the item and place it, it will be blue which means it’s not built yet. So, put corresponding materials to build it.

Click “Z” if you want to remove a placed blueprint or “F” for a built object.

  • Crafting Bench

Some items can’t be crafted through the character crafting menu, so the crafting bench is an extension to the possibilities from that menu.

You can make the crafting bench from the blueprint mode. In it you will also have all of the character crafting recipes.

crafting bench

With that being said, character crafting is mostly used at the beginning of the game, while blueprint and crafting bench crafting is more of a late-game system.

You’ll find yourself using the blueprint mode and crafting bench mostly. Blueprint mode is more for building, while the crafting bench will give you tools, spears, or utilities. Good luck!

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