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This one is for the more advanced Survivalists players out there. As you know, there are treasure maps in the Survivalists which you can go to, to get some very special loot.

The Survivalists: Secret Labyrinth

This Secret Labyrinth is no exception too. It has eight legendary weapon crafting recipes inside, along with a lot of coins and other items. If you are feeling particularly confident, then you must finish this dungeon.

Today, we will show you where and how to pass the Secret Labyrinth.

Secret Labyrinth – The Survivalists

secret labyrinth step one

If you want to finish this dungeon or treasure map, then you need to have progressed quite a bit in the Survivalists. It’s a higher tier dungeon which means substantially stronger enemies.

Upon first impressions, the dungeon will look easy, but after some time, you will be attacked by savages. Once you get in, you will have to solve a maze in order to progress further.

The Secret Labyrinth is in fact The Tortuous Wrathful Labyrinth. It can be found when adventuring through the world, it has a ground tunnel to get to it.

You cannot miss it since the hole emits a golden glow. As far as where to find it, it’s different for everyone since it is a randomly generated world. Look at the Treasure Maps for more reference.

This is how to pass the Secret Labyrinth:

  1. Go inside. This is how it will look like: secret labyrinth step one
  2. Next you will need to find the lever to open the first door, this is a puzzle of sorts. It’s located at the most south-east corner of the room, once found use your club to activate: secret labyrinth step two
  3. The next room will have two enemies, so be very careful they’re powerful. Eliminate them and continue to the other room from here: secret labyrinth step three
  4. This next room will also have two strong enemies, one bowman and a close-range savage. Once eliminated use the totem in the middle to craft the legendary weapons: secret labyrinth step four

Stack up on food before going in the Secret Labyrinth. The enemies are very strong, so consider crafting a bow before going in to establish a long-range position.

The other loot is not that special, but you can get a lot of coins from the chests at the end, as well as a free monkey locked in a cage. Good luck!

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