The Survivalists: How to Eat


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If you have joined the journey in the game the Survivalists, like many others, there are many mechanics and controls that might make it overwhelming for new players.

The Survivalists: How to Eat

From training monkeys, recruiting them, finding resources, crafting, and about a million other things, it is safe to say that this game is far from straightforward. Another important aspect might be sustenance. You need to take care of your health and energy in the Survivalists.

Thankfully, we will tell you exactly how to eat, and how easy it is.

How to Eat – The Survivalists

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Eating in the Survivalists is easy. The more challenging part is finding food. You need to get either fish, meat, berries, and other fruits. If you are new, chances are you are using berries to replenish health, since they are most present on the first island.

However, these fruits are not as nutritious as meat foods. Meat foods which are cooked with recipes on a fire are the most nutritious food in game.

No matter what you are using to replenish health, this is how to eat in the Survivalists:

  1. Get food.
  2. Put it on an item slot at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Scroll until you have that food selected.
  4. After that, just left click.

That’s how easy it is to eat your food in this game. Like I said above, consider hunting some animals or fish to get the most nutritious food you can.

If you are exploring, stack up on food so that you don’t run out on your journey. Additionally, you don’t know what awaits in the wilderness, so its best when you have a good amount of food reserves.

Fish might be easier to get, but first you need to get a spear to hunt these. You can get it by crafting, or find it on enemies and skeletons. Good luck!

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