The Survivalists : How to Fish



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You will need to find sustenance on you journey in this special, but harsh 2D world. The berries you get from the raft can only last so long.

The Survivalists : How to Fish

So, you need to get on the hunting or gathering train as fast as possible. Meats in this game are the most nutritious food you will eat. This is because it is harder to get by, while fruits and other plant foods can be gathered easily.

Nevertheless, we will tell you how to fish in the Survivalists the best way.

How to Fish – The Survivalists

how to fish the survivalists

The main issue with getting fish is that you will need a spear. But if you are just starting out, a spear will probably not be unlocked for you yet.

Following the blueprint system, you need to craft many items before you can get a spear. However, you can acquire a spear in other ways.

But how to fish more specifically? Well, you use the spear and go to the nearest water. You go in the shallow areas and use the spear to catch the fish.

As for what other ways you can get the spear, those are:

  • Looted from fallen enemies
  • Mysterious Shop
  • Looted from skeletons

This means that there is a high chance that you get lucky and obtain a spear way before you can craft it. The main problem with crafting is that you need metal to make that spear.

As you know, metal is a scarce material and only can be gotten in very dangerous areas. For example, you can obtain metal at volcanic areas. So, if you manage to get metal really early on, that doesn’t mean that you can’t craft a spear.

But that’s only if you manage to pull off this heroic challenge. If not, you can still get it from enemies, shops, and skeletons. Good luck!

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