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The Walking Dead: Onslaught is just a few days from release, so before you go throwing even more money at The Walking Dead franchise, stop for a second to take in everything* you need to know.
*Nowhere near everything, but the video is good for a few minutes of crap laughs. This article is just a re-purposed script that we didn’t want to waste…

The Walking Dead: Onslaught - Everything You Need to Know

It’s VR Only, But That Could Change

The Walking Dead: Onslaught is a VR-only game when it releases, meaning that you’ll either need a PSVR to play on PS4, or an Oculus Quest to play on PC via the handy Link feature, or another PCVR compatible headset. Without one, you won’t be playing this game, straight and simple.
However… there is always the chance that the game could release for non-VR platforms at a later date, and considering that the developer has another VR game heading to non-VR platforms, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to imagine that this game could get a similar treatment further down the line.
As it stands though, right now it is a VR-only game, and there have been no announced plans for a non-VR version.

The Developer is a VR Master

Survios, the game’s developer, has mastered the art of VR game creation. The studio’s first release back in 2016 was the amazing action game Raw Data. It was the first showing from the LA-based developer, and what a showing it was. The game was critically acclaimed, and it even went on to be the first VR game to generate 1 million dollars in revenue. Amazing.
The next release was Sprint Vector, and again, Survios knocked it out of the park with its inventive game design and making the most out of the available hardware, including the weaker PSVR.
Then we had Creed: Rise to Glory, which was a departure from the previous games, and the first licensed property the developer had worked on, but that didn’t matter. The game was a success and even got ported to Oculus Quest where, despite the visual downgrade, the game would be just as well received.
Basically, these guys know VR, and we should trust that they’ll do their best to bring a fresh take on The Walking Dead.

Less Chatter, More Action

Unlike The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, Onslaught will be much more action-orientated. Saints & Sinners played out like an RPG of sorts, complete with dialogue options and side quests. The combat was slow and deliberately clunky to emphasize the weight and heft of physical combat.
Onslaught is all about satisfaction, and that means guns and plenty of them. You’ll still have to poke around for ammo, but firearms feature heavily, and the developers have stated that they’ve taken the firearms systems from Raw Data, and have expanded on them., If you’ve played Raw Data, you’ll know that the gunplay was great, and now we’re getting a better version of it with zombies.
Of course, there’s physical combat too, and you’ll be able to push and shove the zombies to maintain a safe distance of 2 meters, or you can dump a knife into their head if they refuse to comply. Standard stuff these days, right?

There Was Co-Op, But Now There Isn’t

The Walking Dead Onslaught was originally going to ship with a co-op mode. You and a buddy could have teamed up online and taken on the game’s campaign together. Unfortunately, the developer has since rolled back this feature, explaining over the summer that the co-op game mode was not as fun as it should be, and rather than release it in the game anyway, it would be removed.
Obviously, this is a massive blow, as some of the game’s initial hype came from the fact it would have co-op. But now it’s just another single-player zombie game. Well, a single-player The Walking Dead zombie game developed by Survios, so better than most by default.
Still, never say never. Perhaps once the game has released the developers will go back over the code and find a way to put co-op in as an update.

Build, Survive, Thrive

The Walking Dead Onslaught won’t just have you running around as Rick, shooting zombies in the head and declaring yourself the sheriff of the world. You’ll have to go on supply runs and collect stuff for your group of survivors. You’ll have to rummage around for tins of food, medicine, and ammo. And what’s more, is that you can actually build and improve your home base. It’s an interesting mechanic for sure, and it should help give us players a bit more ownership over our story.

There Are Multiple Playable Characters

You won’t just be a faceless nobody in The Walking Dead: Onslaught. You’ll step into the smelly socks of Daryl, Rick, Michonne, and Carol throughout the game’s campaign, and, to add that extra layer of authenticity to the game, the OG voice actors are lending their voices to the game. It makes sense, and it should help elevate the game’s story. Speaking of which…

This Game is Officially Canon With the Show

Yep, Onslaught is officially a part of the show’s canon. According to the developers, the game takes place between season 8’s finale and season 9’s opener. This will make Onslaught the only game to date to be officially canon with the TV series. So, if you’re old nan happens to be a fan of The Walking Dead, she simply must play this game to get all of the story. She should also sign her will before playing…

It’s Coming Very Soon

The Walking Dead: Onslaught will release on September 29th for PSVR and PCVR headsets. PlayStation VR owners can pick up a physical copy of the game from October 9th, meanwhile, PC owners ask “what is a physical copy”.
We’ll have more The Walking Dead: Onslaught coverage up to and after release, so be sure to check in with us to stay in the know.

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