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Valorant is a competitive team based FPS developed by Riot Games. Much like other games of its kind, and other games developed by Riot, a professional scene is quickly developing among its players. Some new and also more veteran players are trying their hand at the game.

Top 10 Valorant Players : 2020 Edition

Let’s look at our list for the Top 10 Valorant players in 2020.

10. Dizzy

Formerly a player for NRG, Dizzy has since moved from professional Apex Legends onto variety streaming. He’s been dominant since the release of Valorant, displaying his professional talent.

9. s1mple

One of the best players of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. His skills in CS:GO have translated over to Valorant, having similar mechanics to that of Counter Strike. With the recent release of the game, time will tell how far he’ll go with the new playing field.

8. ScreaM

King of One Taps. He’s moved away from his career in CS:GO to play for Prodigy in Valorant. His fame precedes him, and he’ll likely keep dominating in this new battlefield. Look forward to more One Tap clips with his face on it.

7. ShahZaM

An American pro that made a name for himself in CS:GO. Since being signed by Sentinels for their Valorant Team, he has retired from his career in Counter Strike. We’re looking forward to how he’ll be performing in future Valorant competitions.

6. Aceu

Former CS:GO and Apex Legends player, having since retired to stream full time. His skill have stuck with him as he grinds out ELO in Valorant. Since his retirement, its unknown if he’ll be looking to play in the professional scene for Valorant, but time will tell.

5. Skadoodle

Having retired from his CS:GO career in 2018, Skadoodle has since been streaming full time, much like other retired pros. As of June 2020 however, he has been signed by T1 to play on their professional Valorant team, continuing his professional career. His skills with the AWP will prove useful to him in the future.

4. Hiko

Signed by 100 Thieves in June of 2020, Hiko’s fame and his skills from Counter Strike have placed him high on our list. It’s likely we’ll see more of his clutch plays in the competitive Valorant scene.

3. Shroud

The master of the front page of Reddit, everyone watching the professional Esports scene knows about Shroud. Having retired from the CS:GO professional scene back in 2018, its unknown if he’ll be playing competitively in Valorant. Either way, his skills make him a force to be reckoned with, and he’ll continue his reign in the new playing field.

2. AZK

One of the formerly banned iBUYPOWER players. AZK has dabbled in Overwatch and also played once again in the CS:GO scene since his unban. As of 2020 however, he’s been signed to play for T1 alongside Skadoodle, and the next person on our list.

1. Brax

Infamous for his iBUYPOWER ban, and famous for his amazing talent in CS:GO. He’s dominated the top ranks of CS:GO. Call it talent, call it skill, either way his history has earned him the top spot on our list. With Skadoodle, AZK and Brax on their roster, T1 will likely dominate the Valorant scene like Faker has dominated League of Legends.

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