Top 3 Most Effective Base Designs in Minecraft


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Build a base using the top 3 most effective base designs in Minecraft in order to fully maximize and utilize the benefits of a survival base.

Top 3 Most Effective Base Designs in Minecraft

Having a base is one of the most important things players need in a survival game in Minecraft. But building them can be just as enjoyable as designing them yourself. As a player with limited resources, the challenge and the excitement come from gathering materials and bringing your imagination to life. And while there are all kinds of bases and each with its own unique design, there are some that are more effective than others in protecting players from the hazards of the outside world.

Bases like that can be as big as players may want them to be or simply be compact in size—containing only the necessary materials needed to survive. Nonetheless, we’ve ranked the top-3 most effective base designs in Minecraft for players to choose from if they are planning to build their own survival base.

3. House-like Base

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Bases built just like a cottage or house are common and often very effective as they are usually tailored to every player’s needs. Necessary rooms such as enchanting rooms, libraries, and storage rooms usually take up a lot of space but with a house base, you can simply expand each area accordingly.

The advantages of building a house-like base are they are completely adjustable to the player’s preferences, can be of any size and shape, and can contain as many rooms as needed—all while keeping the base design as house or home-like as possible.

2. Naturally Generated Structures as Base

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Naturally generated structures are usually good for loot. These structures are usually rare as they contain a ton of treasures that players can loot should they find one. But they can also become a base once they are cleared of hostile mobs and lit well enough.

Large structures such as the desert pyramid, pillager outpost, or the ocean monument make great bases as they are large enough to accommodate the basic rooms needed inside a base. Some veteran players may even make the woodland mansion their own base.

Depending on your own preference, you can adjust the interior of the structure accordingly, although you will have to settle for how its exterior is designed.

1. Underground Bunker Base

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Underground bunkers are one of the most difficult if not fun bases to build. Having a base and building them are two different things with the latter being more difficult especially for unequipped players. The main problem that underground bunkers pose is the time and effort it takes to actually dig a large hole on the ground that’s big enough to fit all the rooms that you would need.

What makes this build even more difficult is the fact that you will be dealing with hostile mobs underground as they often swarm in caves and caverns. If you’re up for a challenge and still want to have an awesome secret underground base, then this build is for you.

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