Top 5 Minecraft Mods To Play With Friends


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Minecraft is already a fun game by itself, but what better way to spice things up in-game than by using mods that you can use to make small changes to the already awesome game? Here are the top 5 fun Minecraft mods you can use to play with friends.

Top 5 Minecraft Mods To Play With Friends

5. Biomes O’ Plenty

Image Source: MineraftEO

Biomes O’ Plenty, the mod, is designed to give players a better Minecraft world and more of a reason to explore it in the first place. It adds new biomes and new blocks, items, achievements, and mobs to go with. Biomes O’ Plenty is a Minecraft mod created by Glitchfiend, a collaborative group of a few developers, which adds almost 60 new biomes to Minecraft, ranging from a simple Marsh biome to the magical and mysterious Mystic Grove. Biomes O’ Plenty is an expansive biome mod for Minecraft that adds a slew of new, unique biomes to the Overworld and Nether! 

It adds new plants, flowers, trees, building blocks, and more to the new biomes. Exploring each biome with friends is a treat, especially since players don’t know what the biome might contain. They can expect new biomes in the Overworld and the Nether, which also give way to new blocks, trees, plants, and more.

4. Morpheus

morpheus mod
Image Source: MC-Mods

Morpheus is a server-only mod that adds sleep voting to a forge-based server. When a player sleeps, all other players in the same dimension are notified, making coordinating easier. Morpheus is a server-side utility by Quetzi. This utility is based on a voting-based sleep system. When a player enters their bed, a message in chat alerting everyone in the same dimension is emitted.

The Morpheus mod allows Players on a server to vote on skipping the night by sleeping in a bed. Additionally, only a certain amount of players on the server need to be sleeping at one time for the day to come. This is default at 50%, but it can easily be configured. If 50% or more of the Players are in a bed, then the server will skip the night.

A server owner can change the percentage required to skip the night in the mod’s config file. While Morpheus is a server-side mod, it may be useful, in some cases, to include it on the client side as it should work in ‘open to LAN.’ night.

However, when using the Morpheus mod, this can be changed to requiring a single player to sleep, automatically skipping the night for all others. Morpheus is a simple quality-of-life mod that is made specifically for multiplayer servers.

It allows players to take advantage of a system called “sleep-voting.” As many will know, when playing with multiple people on a vanilla Minecraft server, everyone needs to come to their beds and sleep to skip a night.

3. Identity

Identity Mod
Image Source: 9Minecraft

Identity is a mod inspired by Morph, originally built for the Fabric mod loader, and is now available on Forge through Architecture. To unlock an Identity, kill a nearby mob. You’ll see a notification above your hotbar informing you of the unlock. You can then press the ` key to swap between identities. Once you have equipped an Identity, you can use its ability by pressing “R.”

To look at available abilities. It allows players to transform into any entity of their desires freely. To obtain one’s form, you must first defeat that specific mob; after that, a small pop-up will notify you of your achievement. You can now explore the world with a great superpower. There will be no boundaries that you cannot reach with such ability.

For example, they can assume the form of a skeleton and fight using only a bow and arrow. Players must first defeat the mob they want to impersonate to acquire an identity. Identities can be swapped at will, making it quite difficult for players to seek each other out.

Identity is an excellent mod for fooling about and playing tricks on friends using disguises and different identities. Players can turn into various mobs from the game’s vanilla version while acquiring their abilities and attributes.

2. The Twilight Forest

twilight forest
Image Source: Minecraft France

The Twilight Forest Mod is a mod that creates a new dimension. Forests mainly cover it, and it creates a fairytale-esque world. Forests grow densely, shadowing most of the world below. However, the terrain is relatively flat despite numerous Trees and Tall Grass. However, these may lower the visibility of an area, thus causing great inconvenience to players.

The Twilight Forest abandons the traditional Day/Night cycle; vanilla hostile mobs should not be generated in darkness unless there are spawners. This mod provides an excellent experience of adventure and treasure hunting. Players can explore different wonders and structures, which may hide treasures and bosses. New items, blocks, and mobs are added in this mod.

Twilight Forest is a new dimension and heavily forested world filled with new mobs, trees, dungeons, and bosses. Dungeons, caves, and hollow hills also appear frequently in this world. This dimension’s ground level is very low in response to the tall trees. The dimension is locked at sunset time, though sleeping is possible.

Mobs will not spawn on the surface of the Twilight Forest, though they will live in dungeons and caves. New biomes, items, blocks, mobs, and more reside within this mod, along with unique boss battles, mechanics, treasures, etc. Players must note that The Twilight Forest cannot be used with Optfine. The Twilight Forest is one of Minecraft’s oldest and most popular mods. It introduces a new dimension to the game, the Twilight Forest. This dimension has an insane amount of new content.

1. Essential

social 960
Image Source: Essential

Essential is a quality-of-life mod that boosts Minecraft Java to the next level. Host single-player worlds and invite your friends. No server is required. Easy configuration. Add your friends and message them across worlds and servers, all in-game.

Stay organized and create groups. Essentials is a mod that adds content designed to expand the possibilities offered by Redstone by default, as well as objects that will allow us to create systems designed to automate processes, whether in mineral resource processing, entity farming, or agricultural tasks in our orchards.

With this mod installed, we will be able to use a new type of land that replants seeds and does not require water. Obsidian cutting kits will allow us to obtain obsidian quickly. We can manufacture new types of hoppers faster and more efficiently. We will be able to create wireless Redstone. We will be able to make automatic framing tables and new types of pistons, among many other things.

Usually, a LAN connection requires everyone to be inside the same area to connect. However, with the Essentials mod, players can play with their friends in any single-player world they want. Inviting others is a feature in the “social” tab of the mod, as in custom skins, free capes, and more. With this mod, players can invite their friends into their single-player world and enjoy it without a LAN connection.

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