Top 5 Mobs To Defeat in Minecraft 1.19


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Mobs are one of the essential aspects that make up the world of Minecraft, as they assist players in various ways during their playthroughs. Almost all of the mobs in the game drop experience points, or EXP for short. Aside from baby mobs that drop no experience points at all, many mobs in Minecraft drop unique items exclusive to the mob itself, and some are extremely useful to the player. They should be massively farmed, such as food items that restore the player’s health.

Top 5 Mobs To Defeat in Minecraft 1.19

Players will encounter different types of mobs in every biome and dimension in the game. Some mobs are more aggressive than others, while some are passive. And while hostile mobs are generally what you would try to take down, some are necessary to defeat and kill even though they are considered passive or neutral. This article will highlight the top 5 mobs players should defeat in Minecraft 1.19, as these mobs provide good base EXP and loot for players to benefit from.

5. Enderman

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An enderman is a neutral mob that can be found in all three dimensions in Minecraft. They are usually found in every biome within the three dimensions: the Overworld, the Nether, and the End.  Endermen are mobs that can survive in the sun—unlike undead mobs—and are known to teleport around.

You can provoke an Enderman by looking directly into its eyes, and the second you look away, the enderman will come to attack you from behind. Stated below is the amount of damage an Enderman can do, depending on the difficulty you are playing on.

The mob is classified as neutral as it does not care for the player unless they inflict some damage to it or look directly into its eyes. It can deal a fair amount of damage, and beginners often fall prey to its quick and effective attacks. The Enderman is a neutral mob in Minecraft with a spooky design inspired by the popular urban legend of the Slenderman. The tall mob can teleport across several blocks in all three game dimensions.

4. Iron Golem

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Being made entirely of iron, players can attempt to kill iron golems to obtain a small amount of iron. The Iron golem in Minecraft, a semi-boss mob, is another neutral mob usually roaming in and around a village, guarding villagers against hostile mobs and players. 

You, as the player, can also make an iron golem in Minecraft using four iron blocks and a carved pumpkin. If you place four iron blocks in the shape of a T and put a carved pumpkin on top, the structure will immediately turn into an iron golem.

Iron golems can also spawn naturally around your Minecraft world as they guard villages and pillager outposts. An iron golem is a large, powerful neutral utility mob that defends players and villagers so long as they remain passive. It is one of the few mobs that can be built and spawned into the game.

3. Wither Skeleton

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Wither skeletons are tall black variants of skeletons equipped with stone swords that inflict the poison-like wither effect. They are found exclusively in nether fortresses and are the only source of wither skeleton skulls. Aside from dealing melee damage, wither skeleton attacks also inflict the player with the “wither” status effect, which causes the player to receive damage over time.

The wither skeleton is a hostile mob exclusively found inside nether fortresses. However, players will want to seek out a fight with this hostile mob as it drops one of the rarest items in Minecraft: the wither skeleton skull. Wither skeletons are rare mobs found in the Nether, mainly guarding the inside of nether fortresses.

Once killed, a wither skeleton will drop coal, bones, a stone sword, and rarely (more specifically, 1 in 50 chance) their head. Three wither skeleton heads, and four soul sand blocks are required to spawn one of the strongest boss mobs in the game: the Wither.

Wither skeletons will only spawn within nether fortresses as of the pre-release; Dinnerbone might have added changes to this, though. It is assumed, however that they follow the same rules for spawning as blazes, which will only spawn naturally and not from a spawn where the pack spawn is selected within a nether fortress. 

2. Wither

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The wither is a player-constructed undead hostile boss mob that floats and shoots explosive skulls at players and mobs. It is the only source of nether stars used to craft beacons. The Wither has a variety of attacks like explosions, dashes, shooting skulls, the wither effect, and more.

Defeating the mob will make it drop a Nether Star, an item used in the crafting recipe of a beacon.  This is usually because many new players might not know there’s no other way to summon a Wither than the method mentioned above.

When players collect three wither skeleton skulls, they need to take four blocks of soul sand or soul soil and place them in the shape of the letter “T.” Once this is done, they must place the three skulls on top of the structure. Placing the last skull will immediately summon the boss mob.

1. Ender Dragon

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The ender dragon is a gigantic flying hostile boss mob found when first entering the End. She is the largest naturally spawning mob in the game and is widely acknowledged as the final boss of Minecraft. However, defeating it will effectively end the game and give the player many experience points.

Players will first have to destroy the end crystals surrounding the dragon, after which they will need to use their bow or other weapons to damage it while evading the gaze of hundreds of Enderman mobs. The dragon presents one of the most difficult challenges for Minecraft players as it flies at an incredible speed, attacks Minecrafters with magic orbs, has its health constantly regenerated with end crystals, and can launch players into the air if they come in contact with its wings. For players who want to complete the main questline of Minecraft, defeating the Ender Dragon is the final hurdle they will have to face.

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