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The top 5 list of which mobs are the rarest in Minecraft and their special traits, perks, and other benefits for the player in a survival game mode.

Top 5 Rarest Mobs in Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox game where fantasy is mixed with reality. In the world of Minecraft, various AI-driven living creatures called mobile entities—or mobs for short—roam the land. These mobs are divided into three categories: passive, neutral, and hostile. And in each of these categories, there is bound to be one or two mobs that will spawn less frequently than the rest of the mobs in Minecraft. These mobs are known to be rarer than the others as they most likely have to reach a certain criterion or condition for them to spawn in the first place.

Rarer mobs in Minecraft tend to have more unique drops, and depending on what kind of mob they are or their rarity, these drops may or may not be useful to the player. Some loot or drops from rare mobs are special resources that can craft important items in the game, and some are common items like feathers, strings, and others. A few players—especially veteran players—prefer taming these rare mobs as part of a collection rather than killing them for their loot. They may not prove to be of much use for the player when used as a collection but they can count as a trophy or memorabilia in recognition for reaching a certain point in the game or having encountered a rare mob in survival mode. Regardless of whether they are useful or not, as long as they are rare and spawn less frequently than other mobs, they count as special. Read on to find out which of these mobs are the top 5 rarest in Minecraft thus far.

5. Brown-colored Mooshrooms

Naturally, mooshrooms alone are pretty rare by themselves. The mooshroom is a rare variant of a regular cow that functions like any other ordinary cow, except for visible mushrooms surrounding its body. Mooshrooms are considered one of the rarest mobs in Minecraft as they can only spawn in one specific biome, and it is only in the mushroom fields biome. The mushroom fields biome—as its name suggests—is a field-like biome filled with tons of brown and red mushrooms as regular vegetation and giant mushrooms in replacement of regular trees. It is an extremely rare biome that only spawns as an island surrounded by ocean biomes and is often located far from normal land or terrain. Since mooshrooms only spawn in the rare mushroom fields biome, they are normally considered a rare mob by that alone. However, a regular adult mooshroom spawns as a red and white colored cow with two red mushrooms growing on their back and another one on their head. This is not the case with the brown-colored mooshroom. The brown mooshroom—believe it or not—is rarer than its red variant. While the red mooshroom spawn naturally in the mushroom fields biome, the brown mooshroom can only appear when a red mooshroom is struck by lightning. This occurrence works both ways as a brown one can turn into its red variant when hit by a lightning strike. Brown mooshrooms are brown and white-colored cows with brown mushrooms on their back and on their heads, similar to that of a normal mooshroom. This makes them extremely rare for a mob in the overworld.

4. Naturally-spawned Pink Sheep

A pink sheep may not sound all that rare as sheep are one of the most common passive mobs in Minecraft, to begin with. However, this is not the case with pink-colored sheep. Even if the player can freely change the color of a regular sheep by dying its wool, it is still not considered a naturally-spawned sheep. Normally, most of the sheep in Minecraft spawn with one of these colored wool, namely white wool, light gray wool, gray wool, black wool, and brown wool. White sheep have a spawn rate of 81.836%, while light gray sheep, gray sheep, and black sheep each have a 5% chance of spawning. Brown colored sheep are considered uncommon as it only has a 3% chance to spawn naturally. Pink sheep are the rarest naturally-spawned colored sheep as they can only spawn 0.164% of the time. Which also makes baby pink sheep even rarer for having only a spawn rate of 0.0082%.

3. Charged Creeper

Creepers are one of the most dangerous yet common hostile mobs in Minecraft. They often sneak in from behind you unknowingly and explode when they get in range, destroying everything within a certain radius around them, which makes them all the more terrifying to go up against without a ranged weapon. Considered as one of the icons of Minecraft, creepers were made to be well known for both players and non-players of the game. Thus, Mojang—the developers of Minecraft—decided that a regular creeper was not enough. So they added a charged creeper into the game. Charged creepers look similar to normal creepers, except for their blue aura. Charged creepers cannot be spawned naturally. Like the brown-colored mooshrooms, charged creepers can only appear when a normal creeper is struck by lightning or when a player throws a trident equipped with the Channeling enchantment during a thunderstorm. They act and behave like regular creepers as they explode when near enough, but the explosion power is 50% stronger than a normal creeper. This means that if a normal creeper’s explosion does not finish off an unequipped adventurer, the charged creeper’s explosion will likely do so. A charged creeper’s explosion also has special effects as it explodes. When its explosion kills zombies, skeletons, wither skeletons, or other creepers, one of the heads of those mobs will drop as loot at random. The mob head will then be wearable for the player and can be equipped in their helmet armor slot.

2. Skeleton Wearing Diamond Armor

Throughout the history of Minecraft, only a few players ever got lucky in discovering a skeleton wearing full-plated diamond armor. Some spawned skeletons, like zombies, can pick up items that have been dropped by the player, such as weapons and armor. But this does not count as having been “spawned” with one. The chances of a skeleton spawning with armor alone are pretty rare enough. But to find a naturally-spawned skeleton equipped with a complete set of diamond armor from head to toe is about one in a million. Normally, skeletons who spawn equipped with armor have their armor mismatched, such as an iron helmet and chainmail chest plate, as this is chosen at random. Therefore, it is most unlikely to find a skeleton not only wearing a full set of armor but to have every single piece of the armor on diamond-level as well.

1. Baby Zombie Villager Jockey

Probably the rarest mob of the bunch, baby zombie villager jockeys are a lot less likely to appear, and you may even finish the game without ever encountering one of these. While chicken jockeys are not exactly considered a mob in itself, it is still considered two mobs—both a baby zombie and a chicken—merged into one. Chicken jockeys are the rare appearance of naturally spawned baby zombies or their variants riding a chicken. Only 5% of normal adult zombies spawn as adult zombie villagers. And on that, 5% is another 5% chance of spawning a baby zombie villager. Hence, to even encounter a baby zombie villager riding a chicken makes you one of the lucky ones as it only has a 0.000000000000000000000000000000001991202975% chance of spawning without the use of any cheats.

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