Top 5 Survival Biomes in Minecraft 1.19


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Minecraft is one of the best games ever made to play. It is a true open-world game experience that allows players to go anywhere and do whatever they want in this game.

Top 5 Survival Biomes in Minecraft 1.19

The worlds you can explore are infinite in all directions and locations and entirely destructible. After entering a new world in Minecraft, players must gather as many resources as possible and survive all kinds of dangerous mobs.

As most players know, Minecraft’s world consists of many different kinds of biomes. Many things can kill players, from lethal hostile mobs to difficult and irregular terrain. But a few common places are safer for the players during their adventure.

These places differ in terrain, temperature, mob spawning, etc. All three realms have different biomes, but all the safer regions are in the Overworld. When players spawn in a new world, they are usually placed in a relatively safe biome so they don’t get killed immediately.

With so many biomes now residing in the game, players have a wide selection of places to begin their next Survival Mode experience.

Though Minecraft worlds have many biomes, not all are ideal for survival. This is especially true for players just learning the game’s nuances.

Certain biomes are worth prioritizing to ensure players begin in a relatively safe environment with good resource access. Below, players can find a list of some of the best biomes to start in for survival worlds.

And within these massive worlds, you can find many different biomes. But with so many different biomes to build your home in, from damp swamps to deserts, how do you decide which is best?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here, we’ve compiled a list of our five favorite survival biomes in Minecraft so that you can decide which one of them is right for you.

Here are some of the safest and coziest biomes for survival.

1. Cherry Groves

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This list is based on 2023 in Minecraft, and the Cherry Grove biome will also be added in this new update. It is the newest biome that will be added with the 1.20 update. Apart from being the cutest biome in the game, it can also be the safest place for players.

New cherry blossom trees can also offer different types of wood, while pigs, sheep, and bees can provide useful food. It is safe to say that hundreds and thousands of players will try to find the new biome as soon as the update is released.

2. Plains

1 33

Plains are considered one of the most useful and golden standards for starting biomes in Minecraft, as they contain a little bit of everything players need to get started.

Though this biome doesn’t have as many trees as forest or jungle biomes, it typically has enough to construct a player’s base. Plains also spawn many animal mobs that give items like meat, wool, and leather.

These biomes also generate structures like villages, providing the opportunity to trade with villagers and pick up items from their loot chests. While they don’t excel in any category, plains biomes are well-rounded.

Plains biomes are an excellent focal point for survival worlds, as they are typically located near other biomes of different types. This allows players to venture into other biomes and collect their needs before returning home to the relatively quiet plains.

Though it does not generate many trees, plains usually have a forest connected to it that can offer ample wood.

3. Forests

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If players are looking for a biome to survive in and obtain massive amounts of resources, the forest is the way to go. These biomes might have slightly irregular terrain compared to plains, but they are filled with trees.

Since wood is one of the most important resources in the game, this biome is perfect for players, especially newbies. But a few hostile mobs could spawn here since the trees block light and create dark areas.

Though forests are great starting points for Minecraft players, jungles are a significant improvement over them. Players can enter these biomes, collect wood from sizable trees, receive free food sources, and do many more things.

Among these sources are melon blocks as well as cocoa for crafting cookies. Once well-established, players can return to the jungle and find tameable mobs like ocelots and parrots.

Ocelots operate like cats and can protect players from creepers, while parrots can mimic the sounds of nearby mobs to give players auditory information.

4. Windswept Hills

1 34

Minecraft’s Windswept Hills biome, also known as Extreme Hills, is one of the more awesome biomes one can encounter in the game. They’re similar to Mountain biomes like Peaks, but thanks to high erosion, they often have massive chunks missing in various places.

This makes navigating them quite hazardous, and the cavities may cause cave-like areas that are dark enough for hostile mobs to spawn.

Since this Biome is quite elevated, it is home to resources normally found below sea level, including Coal and Iron, as well as Emeralds from the Peak biomes. As such, they can be great places to mine for Coal and Iron if you don’t like venturing into Caves.

However, the standard version of this biome has little else to offer. Many players want to build their survival base on a mountain simply because it gets isolated from the rest of the areas and has a beautiful top view, making it harder for hostile mobs to reach it.

If the mountain itself is illuminated, along with the base, then there will be no hostile mobs or danger that will disturb players. Moreover, it looks great if the base is made perfectly.

The only downside is that commuting to and from the base can become slightly difficult, and not all resources can be found in the mountains.

5. Beaches

1 35

As biomes that lie adjacent to oceans, beaches are considerably helpful to Minecraft players’ survival prospects.

They typically rest near other biomes, allowing players to collect wood from them since beaches do not spawn their own trees.

Furthermore, having access to the ocean allows players to fish for food and treasure items. Buried treasure chests can also be found on beaches, giving players great loot items early in their adventures.

Once players have established themselves, they can head to the ocean and search for shipwrecks, ocean monuments, and underwater ruins.

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