Top 5 Tips for PVP in Minecraft


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Minecraft PvP is fun and challenging. The game’s combat system is more than just simple clicks and landing hits. However, there are various methods by which you can improve your combat capability in the game. These five tips to keep in mind will help you improve yourself once you engage in player vs. player combat in Minecraft.

Top 5 Tips for PVP in Minecraft

Top 5 tips to keep in mind to improve yourself at Minecraft PVP

1. Clicking Speed

It may seem strange, but practicing one’s clicking speed is one of the core fundamentals of the game’s PvP combat. Data from independent forums indicate that players with 6-7 clicks per second are good. Some state that when fighting in Minecraft PvP Combat, players must be able to swing their swords at least ten times in a second, which translates to 10 clicks per second. 

Globally, gamers take the click speed test to improve their gaming ability, but many have made it a game by itself. Players can determine the speed at which they can check several mouse clicks they can hit in a given time frame. The score is calculated in CPS (clicks per second), which is the number of clicks in a given time frame, in this case, five seconds. It sounds atypical, but people compete to get the most clicks per given time frame.

So, the higher the CPS, the better the score. Fortunately, many click speed testers are available online, and mods and add-ons track one’s speed. Using any of these can help players measure their performance. When learning Minecraft PvP, it does not take much to realize that the speed of players clicking is tied to their overall performance in melee combat. The faster they land and recover from strikes, the sooner they can take down their opponent and move along. 

2. Weapons

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Weapons are items used to kill players and mobs faster which can be found as loot or created through crafting. When a player left-clicks a mob no more than three blocks away, they will deal a level of damage based on what they hold. Currently, only four items in Minecraft are considered proper weapons: swords, tridents, bows, and crossbows. 

Weapons can only last a while, depending on how much you use them. Axes can also be wielded as weapons (as can some other tools), but they are more considered tools, and therefore they have detrimental side effects when used. Also, some potions can be used as weapons.

For example, axes can stun an opponent’s shield and prevent it from being used for a short time. Tridents doubled as melee and ranged weapons thanks to their ability to be thrown. Swords can sweep in an arc and strike multiple targets. Not all weapons in Minecraft are created equal. Some deal more damage, while others have special properties or attack vectors that make them special.

3. Sprint and Strafe

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Strafing in Minecraft PvP is also important. Sprinting is a method of transportation that allows the player to move faster at the expense of depleting saturation. While sprinting, the player’s field of view expands slightly while increasing the player’s reach by .5-1 block. Players also inflict more knockback on the first hit when sprinting.

It essentially amounts to encircling one’s opponent and staying out of their line of sight. Jumping is equally important. Players can more reliably land critical hits as they descend from a jump. They should get in the habit of using their parkour skills whenever necessary to get the drop on their opponents. Movement is just as key to Minecraft PvP as clicking. Players need to avoid getting hit and land strikes. One should practice sprinting and bunnyhopping to chase down foes.

4. Use Fishing Rods

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Fishing rods are capable of hooking onto targets before pulling them in. This can pull fleeing or strafing opponents in and strike them with a good melee attack by switching to one’s primary weapon. You can equip the fishing rod to start fishing. You simply need to right-click on the PC to use it on water. Once you do that, the string will be released with the bobber.

The bobber can also hook onto certain objects or mobs around you, so make sure you aim right. If it gets hooked onto an object, it will take away the rod’s durability. If one has seen a Minecraft player running around with a fishing rod in PvP, they’re not exactly acting silly. This takes time and patience, but it’s an excellent tactic when dealing with slippier opponents in Minecraft PvP.

5. Utilize Elevation

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Players must stay on even footing with their opponents. They can do this by towering themselves or using ranged weapons like arrows or snowballs to knock adversaries off their perches. For this reason, it is not unheard of during PvP to see a player begin to “tower” or build up blocks quickly to climb them and gain an elevation advantage. Attacking from higher elevations has plenty of benefits in Minecraft PvP. It keeps one safe from enemy attacks and allows players to jump down and score critical hits.

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