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From biomes to dimensions—players travel far and wide to explore the vast and mysterious world of Minecraft. Let’s take a look at our top 5 picks for the most unique biome-exclusive structures in Minecraft.

Top 5 Unique Biome Structures in Minecraft

The overworld of Minecraft is divided into different parts known as biomes. Each biome is unique in and of itself—featuring distinct geographical features, vegetation, temperatures, humidity ratings, heights, and varying sky, water, grass, and foliage colors. The biomes separate each world into various environments such as forests, deserts, and more. And that includes the structures that come along with them.

All of these structures have one thing in common: loot. If you see a structure in the middle of nowhere, there’s bound to be tons of loot waiting for you to collect. Hence, finding structures early on in the game can provide players with a lot of useful items and thus make a huge impact on a player’s game progression. And while some of these structures generate on multiple biomes at once, there are a few structures that only generate on specific biomes.

5. Swamp Hut

Swamp huts generate naturally in swamp biomes—a gloomy-looking biome with a marsh terrain that’s flooded with murky water. This tiny wooden hut will only house one witch along with a black cat. Once the player approaches the swamp hut, the witch will immediately turn hostile and start attacking. And unlike most structures in Minecraft, the swamp hut does not generate any chest but instead considers the crafting table and empty cauldron as “loot” for players to obtain. In bedrock edition, the cauldron will have a chance to contain a random potion inside of it in random amounts.

4. Igloo

The igloo is a small round structure that only generates in the snowy tundra, snowy taiga, and snowy slopes biomes. This ice-like structure is composed of snow blocks, sheltering a white carpeted interior with a bed, furnace, crafting table, and a Redstone torch as its light source. Typically, the interior of the igloo is uninteresting for players at first glance but the secret lies beneath the carpet as it hides a hidden trapdoor that leads to a small dungeon underground. The big catch is that only 50% of the igloos that generate within the overworld have a chance to spawn a basement. This basement contains a villager and zombie villager—both of which are held captive behind iron bars replicating a prison cell. It also contains a brewing stand with a splash potion of weakness and a chest with a golden apple to cure the zombie villager.

3. Jungle Temple

The jungle temple, also known as the jungle pyramid, is a mid-sized cobblestone structure found in jungle biomes. The jungle temple is unique in the sense that players must solve a puzzle in order to obtain the second chest hidden behind the lever puzzle. The first chest, however, is shown in plain sight but protected by an arrow dispenser trap that can be triggered when a player steps on a tripwire hook.

2. Desert Pyramid

As its name suggests, the desert pyramid only generates in desert biomes. This huge structure in the middle of the desert can definitely catch the eye of any wandering adventurer venturing this biome. The desert pyramid is a structure made of sandstone and contains four incredible loot chests hidden underneath. Another unique trait of this structure is the pressure plate located precisely in the middle of the underground room. If stepped on, this pressure plate will trigger a massive TNT explosion hidden beneath it; thus destroying all loot chests along with the death of the player.

1. Woodland Mansion

The woodland mansion is one of the biggest structures to ever generate in Minecraft. This mansion is also one of the rarest structures as it typically generates thousands of blocks away from the spawn point. You may only find this mansion in a dark forest biome—a large forested biome featuring tall dark oak trees and thick, dense leaf canopies that blocks sufficient sunlight to allow hostile mobs to spawn during daytime. As it is a massive structure, chest loots and drops from mobs here are incredible. But alas, it is guarded with multiple high-tiered hostile mobs that players must defeat to fully raid the woodland mansion.

Ultimately, players must know the location of each structure that generates according to their specific biome in order to fully utilize its loot and resources as well as plan ahead for the next adventure.

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