Top 5 Villager Jobs in Minecraft 1.19



Villagers make up a village in Minecraft. When players explore inside a village, they’re bound to encounter different kinds of villagers. These villagers, like humans, have day jobs and follow a set of schedules planned for the day. The most common villager jobs include farmers, clerics, fishermen, and librarians. But in the game, there are more villager jobs than those mentioned. Apart from that, villagers will also need job site blocks to acquire new professions to work on.

Top 5 Villager Jobs in Minecraft 1.19

There are currently 13 job site blocks that players can provide for villagers. Villagers that do not have jobs will pick the nearest job site block available. This method can be used to choose their profession by destroying their current job site block, allowing the villagers to choose another profession. Villager jobs determine the trades they can offer, which are also unique to each villager. Therefore, having multiple villagers with the same job can help players by providing the highest chances of getting all the trades in a single profession. And since there are a ton of jobs to choose from, there are our top 5 picks for the best villager jobs in Minecraft 1.19 update.

Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update: 5 Best Villager Jobs Ranked

5. Toolsmith

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We all know that tools are as important to a player as food. Without tools, players cannot do anything efficiently, possibly hindering the player’s progression in the game. Therefore, the toolsmith villager is one of the best villager jobs to have in a village to help with that predicament. The better the tool quality and enchantments, the more you can efficiently farm and gather materials and resources. Diamond tools are one of the best tool tiers in the game, and these significantly lessen the effort of the player to do actions such as farming, chopping wood, and mining.

Toolsmith villagers are one of the best villager jobs at any time. When a toolsmith villager reaches a high level, they can even offer diamond tools. Some may be equipped with lucky enchantments such as the Efficiency enchantment and the Fortune enchantment. Aside from trade offers, toolsmith villagers can give you emeralds in exchange for certain minerals and bells.

4. Cartographer

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In Minecraft, the game does not provide you with an overhead view of the area or a map you can open to navigate your way around, just like most games we know of. There are certain circumstances wherein the player may lose their sense of direction whenever traveling. Therefore, having a cartographer villager is good because these villagers can provide players with items to help with navigation.

Cartographer villagers are necessary if you want to progress through the game and gain valuable items. Cartographer villagers can offer compasses and empty maps that can help you easily find your way back for a certain distance. Maps can also show large structures and terrain, including your current position in the world. Higher-leveled cartographer villagers will offer rarer trades such as the woodland explorer map and ocean explorer map that will guide you to two of the most significant structures in the world, the woodland mansion and ocean monument. Aside from their trade offers, you can get emeralds from cartographer villagers by trading with them using paper and other small materials.

3. Armorer

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Like tools, a player’s armor is just as crucial in keeping the player alive. The armorer villager’s job is to provide good armor that you would not necessarily come across. As their name suggests, armorers trade players with armor for emeralds.

Armorers offer some of the best armor equipment that players can have. If you are lucky, you might even get a diamond armor set along with some great enchantments for them, such as protection and projectile protection enchantments. Since crafting your diamond armor set alone is expensive enough, the armorer villager is the best way to access decent armor sets without needing to hard farm for diamonds in the deeper levels of the Overworld. Although their good armor trades only show up in higher profession levels, the armorer is still considered one of the best villager professions to have in the game.

2. Weaponsmith

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You can never go wrong regarding weapons, regardless of their tier. Weapons help players defend themselves by dealing much damage to hostile mobs, whether from afar or near. Therefore, the weaponsmith villager’s job is to provide players with that same means of protection through the use of weapons.

The weaponsmith villager can offer decent weapons such as iron and golden swords, which you can use when fighting off regular hostile mobs such as creepers, zombies, spiders, and skeletons. High-level weaponsmith villagers may offer diamond swords in their trading menu and a good enchantment for weapons such as the sharpness enchantment and the fire aspect enchantment. Aside from those, weaponsmith villagers will accept minerals in exchange for emeralds. So if you need a handy weapon to use and you are out of materials for crafting, the weaponsmith villager has just what you need.

1. Librarian

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The best villager job out of all the professions in the game is the librarian. This villager is crucial to obtain rare and valuable enchanted books that you can use to upgrade your weapons, tools, and armor. The trades that librarian villagers offer are unrivaled in the rarity and importance of those trades.

Enchanted books are one of the most important things players should have, especially in Minecraft during mid to late games. The best part about these enchanted books is that there is a possibility that they offer rare enchanted books such as Mending, Looting, Fire Protection, and more. Overall, the librarian villager is a must-have in a village if you plan on using the village for upgrade purposes.

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