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The 2.1 update of Genshin Impact added some cool new features, including the much-anticipated fishing minigame.

How to Unlock Fishing in Genshin Impact

But before you can unlock fishing, you must get the Serenitea Pot and complete the quest “Exploding Population.”

Once you have unlocked the Serenitea Pot housing system, the “Exploding Population” quest will automatically appear on your quest window.

Katheryne in Mondstadt will tell you that the Fishing Association needs your help. You’ll be directed to speak with Nantuck, a senior fisherman of the association.

Apparently, there is a problem with overpopulation and a new species of fish has suddenly appeared. The association needs more people to help catch and identify the new species.

After the dialogue, Nantuck will ask you to meet him at Cider Lake for a fishing tutorial. This will officially unlock the fishing minigame.

Although fishing has been unlocked, the quest is not yet complete.

You have to do the fishing tutorial as a test of your potential. Nantuck will give you all the basic fishing equipment you need, including a fishing rod, some bait, and a recipe for crafting one type of bait.

You will catch your first fish and unlock an achievement.

Nantuck will tell you about Ornamental Fish and ask you to catch one, which unlocks an achievement. Bring the fish back to Nantuck to complete the quest.

The fish you caught can be exchanged for items, such as fishing rods, recipes, and even a special weapon.

You can even cook your catch, which will add fish meat to your inventory.

You can now fish freely at any of the designated fishing spots. Each spot is home to a different set of fish, and each species is attracted to a specific bait type.

To know more about baits and how to craft them, view our guide by clicking here.

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