How to Unlock the Narukami Trail World Quest in Genshin Impact



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The Narukami Trail is one of the world quests in Genshin Impact that will be available to you only if you meet certain criteria. This particular quest continues Neko’s, the self-proclaimed Provisional Head Priestess of the Asase Shrine, mission to learn about what happened to her good friends Hibiki and Domeki.

How to Unlock the Narukami Trail World Quest in Genshin Impact

For this series, you need to complete a chain of world quests and the daily follow-up commissions that are unlocked after completing the said quest series.

First, you will need to complete the Seirai Stormchasers world quest to explore Seirai Island.

World Quest Series

Next, you have to complete the world quest series titled “Neko Is a Cat.” This chain of quests will take you nine days, and each day you need to complete a straightforward task from Neko.

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You can skip a day, but the progress or completed quest will remain. Meaning you do not have to do this on consecutive days.

Daily Commissions

After completing the Neko Is a Cat world quest series, four daily commissions will be added to the pool of random commissions that you will get every day. As you may have already known, you cannot choose the daily commissions that you need to complete for a day because the system for you randomly selects them.

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There will not be a guarantee that the said four new daily commissions related to Neko and the Asase Shrine will appear on your commissions the following day. You need to be patient and hope for them to appear sooner as your daily commissions for that day.

The said daily commissions are the following:

Shrine Clean Up (Leaves)

Neko will need your help in this daily commission because the shrine is getting messy again. As she claims, the fallen leaves have infested the shrine grounds, and she would want you to help her remove them.

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You can find five small piles of dead leaves on the right side of the shrine, just before the area’s entrance.

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Use Anemo, Hydro, or Pyro to remove the leaves.

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Return to Neko to report your progress and receive your reward for completing the commission.

Shrine Clean Up (Dirt)

This daily commission is similar to the first quest under the Neko Is a Cat series, but Neko posts this one as a commission. But this one is a follow-up to that quest because it has been days since you helped clean the shrine, and now it needs cleaning once again.

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Like the first task of the world quest series, you need to clean off the dirt accumulated around the shrine building.

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Use Anemo or Hydro to remove four lumps of dirt.

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After finishing the cleanup business, talk to Neko again to complete the commission.

The Cat’s Trail

For this commission, Neko is once again fretting about the young cat named Konbumaru, the one who likes sleeping in high places. As per Neko. Konbumaru went off to play nearby but has not returned yet.

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Neko would like you to help her bring Konbumaru back.

After talking to Neko, a timer with a limit of two minutes will appear on the upper part of your screen. Below is a number that indicates how far you are from Konbumaru’s location.

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Adjust your location based on the distance from the target meter because the lower the number, the closer you are to the young feline.

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Just like the first time you went looking for it, Konbumaru is once again above the large tree right behind the shrine.

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Interact with this cat and bring him back to Neko.

A Fishy Flavor

The last daily commission that you need is the one titled “A Fishy Flavor.” Neko is worried that the young cats might starve themselves playing for this commission. She will ask you to feed these little felines by bringing fish to them.

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The location is just beside the yard shrine to the left of the main shrine.

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A bowl can be found on the spot where you can place the fish.

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After giving the fish to the little cats, go back to Neko to complete the quest.

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These quests may be a lot, but they are essential in unlocking the Narukami Trail world quest and knowing more about Neko’s story.

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The four daily quests need to be completed once but can be done in any order, given that daily commissions are given to you at random.

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