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The arrival of new areas in the version 2.1 update of Genshin Impact also means new domains to unlock and challenge. One such [domain] exists in the Watatsumi Island in Inazuma and getting access to it is quite a challenge for most people.

How to Unlock the Palace in a Pool Domain in Genshin Impact

In this guide we will walk you through the steps in solving the puzzle to unlock the Palace in a Pool.

Domain Location

The Palace in a Pool is one of the one-time domains of Inazuma. It is located on Suigetsu Pool, a ruin found northwest of Watatsumi.

There is no close teleport waypoint so you have to ride your Waverider to the area or walk from the closest teleport waypoint.

Draining the Water

Looking at the map, the domain is under Suigetsu Pool. However, all you can see is a deep circular pool with Lightning Probes and sealed Electro totems around it.

The door of the domain is inside the pool under the water. You need to complete two challenges to totally drain the water in the pool and access the domain’s gate.

First Puzzle

There are five elements involved in the first puzzle. A Mysterious Pillar, Lightning Probes, Electro totems, Thunder Spheres, and Eletrograna.

  1. First you need to activate the Mysterious Pillar by paying respect to the statue or just simply clicking on it. Doing this will reveal the Thunder Sphere above the pool.
  2. The second thing to do is to summon an Electrograna and lure the Lightning Probe’s arrow in the right direction.
  3. This will activate the Lightning Probe, and you will get detected by the Thunder Sphere. Ride the Thunder Sphere and glide to the opposite side of the pool to activate the Lightning Probe in that area.
  4. I suggest you let the Electrograna disappear after this before moving on to the next mechanism so that the Lightning Probe will stop tracking you.
  5. Do these steps again for the rest of the Lightning Probes, and the rest of the Electro Totems will be unsealed. Once you light all the totems using lightning attack, and half the water will be drained.

Second Puzzle

For the second part, you need to dive into the pool and swim inside the drowned passageway facing the domain’s door.

  1. Swim towards the vine and tree root and climb up to that room.
  2. On each of the three walls in that room, you will need to activate a switch.
  3. Just outside that gate, climb the wall on your right to get inside the room above. Inside that room is another type of mechanism that you can activate.

Doing this will drain the remaining water in the pool and the Palace in a Pool domain is now accessible.

Were you able to get into the domain? What did you have trouble with in getting access to it? Let us know in the comments below!

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