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Hunting monsters and becoming a top-tier hunter is what the Monster Hunter franchise is all about. To do this, you must familiarize yourself with all the weapon types available in the game. The weapons in Monster Hunter Rise are both aesthetically and practically awesome. But not all the weapons in Monster Hunter Rise are immediately accessible. If you’re currently stuck in your progress and don’t know how to get to that next-level weaponry, we’ve got you covered.

How to Unlock the Weapon Tree in Monster Hunter Rise

If you want to be able to unlock all the weapon tiers you should just hunt. Continue to play and progress through the game. After you finish all the village quests, continue to progress in the Hub Quests. You will eventually be able to unlock next-tier items when you keep hunting. Basically, you unlock a weapon tree by obtaining the core items required for that tier.

To unlock the Sinister Longsword II, for example, you will need to continue hunting a Magnamalo until you collect all the necessary materials needed for crafting. Hunting Magnamalos further will eventually give you access to all the weapons in the Magnamalo Tree.

Unlocking the Weapon Tree

You can check whether or not you’ve unlocked the next-tier weapon in your selected tree by talking to the blacksmith in Kamura Village. Choose the Forge/Upgrade weapon option. Here you will find all the craftable weapons available to you. As you inspect the weapon trees, you will find the weapons in increasing order to the right. When you start playing the game you will start with the basic variant of weapons.

Progressing through the game will unlock new weapons for you. These weapons become stronger and more expensive as you go along. The materials required for them also become increasingly hard to obtain. In case you forge/upgrade the wrong weapon you can always roll back most weapons. There is a yellow arrow on the weapon icon you want to roll back. Doing this will give you back all your materials used to craft. So there’s no harm in crafting different weapons due to this mechanic.

Some players like to collect all weapons and types. If you’re one of these collectors, then grinding away will earn you enough materials to craft every single weapon. There is no restriction in Monster Hunter Rise in crafting weapons and armor. All you need is to have all the necessary items needed for crafting. This goal is going to be tough since some of the items needed for crafting top-tier weapons are very hard to come by.

Monster Hunter Rise has two sets of quests: Village and Hub. Hinoa the Village Maiden can be found in the center of Kamura Village. She sits near Kagero the Merchant and in front of Senri the Mailman. The Village Quests are all Low-Rank hunts. Progressing through the Village Quests will unlock new weapon trees. But not all weapons will be made available at this time.

To unlock the rest of the weapons for crafting, you will need to advance in the Hub Quests. Hub Quests are called High-Rank Quests and have a higher difficulty compared to Village Quests. You can take on Hub Quests from Minoto the Hub Maiden. Minoto manages the Hub Quest Counter found in the Gathering Hub.

Top Tier Weapon Tree

Completing hunts and collecting core items at High Rank will unlock some weapons in the weapons tree. Unlocking these will take some time and skill since the monsters required to craft these top-tier weapons are very strong. The top weapons in the Weapon Tree are currently at Tier 13 with Rarity 7. The number of items on the top tier varies per weapon. But all Elder Dragons are included in the top-tier Weapon Tree. The monsters with the Rarity 7 weapons in the list are:

  • Rajang
  • Wind Serpent Ibushi
  • Thunder Serpent Narwa
  • Kushala Daora
  • Bazelguese
  • Teostra
  • Chameleos
  • Crimson Glow Valstrax

It should be noted that all 14 types of Rampage weapons can be upgraded to Tier 13 with Rarity 7. There are also a few unique weapons in the top-tier list outside the Elder Dragons that have Rarity 7. Most weapon types have a unique weapon in their tree. As of the time of writing, the unique weapons and the weapon tree they belong are the following:

  • Longsword — Kamura’s Inheritance — Hand-Me-Down Tree
  • Sword and Shield — Hi Ninja Sword — Guild Tree
  • Lance — Tigrex Lance — Tigrex Tree
  • Gunlance — Araknalance — Ranka-Kadaki Tree
  • Hammer — Diablos Tail — Diablos Tree
  • Hunting Horn — Araknahorn — Rakna-Kadaki Tree
  • Hunting Horn — Duo Risoluto — Diablos Tree
  • Switch Axe — Grand Chaos — Diablos Tree
  • Charge Blade — Araknablade — Rakna-Kadaki Tree
  • Charge Blade — Cera Strongarm — Diablos Tree
  • Insect Glaive — Tyrant Rod — Diablos Tree
  • Light Bowgun — Araknabolt — Rakna-Kadaki Tree
  • Light Bowgun — Tigrex Wargun — Tigrex Tree
  • Heavy Bowgun — Araknamortar — Rakna-Kadaki Tree
  • Heavy Bowgun — Diablazooka — Diablos Tree
  • Bow — Araknatorch — Rakna-Kadaki Tree
  • Bow — Tyrant Bow — Diablos Tree

The mechanics are simple: Hunt, Carve, Repeat. As you go through the monsters in the game, they grow stronger right along with you. You will need to craft the best possible weapons to take them on. As we wait for the next big DLC in Monster Hunter Rise, it is a good chance to grind and craft your best possible weapon and armor sets. Once the new monsters and elder dragons arrive, you will realize just how important it is to have prepared your arsenal for the upcoming fight.

Equip your most badass weapons and start hunting. Kamura Village is safe for now, but when new threats arrive we need to be ready. The best way to face the incoming threat is to hold on to your newly crafted top-tier weapons and armors with a smile.

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