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She loathes alcoholic drinks, but she is, ironically, the well-known mixologist of Cat’s Tail. Diona Katzlein, a notable new bartender in Mondstadt, is famous for her signature mixes, which she hates because all she ever wanted was to make the most dreadfully disgusting cocktail.

How to Use Diona in Genshin Impact

Diona is both a shielder and a healer, and although she can’t spam her support talents the way other characters do, she will be a good teammate with the right build and equipment.

diona feat 2

The fact that Diona’s skills are not as spammable as those of other support characters is discouraging for most players. However, once you unlock her constellations to at least level 2, she will be a fun addition to a team, especially in co-op.

Support Talents

Healing with Signature Mix

As a support character Diona’s priority talent should be her elemental burst Signature Mix. This deals Cryo damage upon casting and then creates an icy field called Drunken Mist.

Drunken Mist will continuously deal Cryo damage to opponents within its AOE. If the party members and your active character are inside Drunken Mist, they will continuously regenerate HP.

Diona’s Drunkards’ Farce passive talent will also decrease an opponent’s ATK by 10% for 15 seconds when they enter the icy field created by Signature Mix.


Icy Paws, Diona’s elemental skill, will fire icy paws at opponents and create a shield when it hits.

Take note that a shield will only be created if the Icy Paws hits something. It could be enemies, walls, or the floor. If you cast this talent towards an open space like on a high cliff or the abyss off the platform in Dvalin’s lair, the icy paws will just disappear into thin air, and no shield will be created.

diona Icy Paws no hit

Diona’s passive talent, named Cat’s Tail Secret Menu, will increase the movement speed of the characters protected by the Icy Paw Shield. At the same time, the stamina consumption of the said characters is also decreased.

diona Icy Paws 4

Unlocking Diona’s constellation level 2 (C2) will also provide shields to all nearby party members. However, the shield that the party gets is only half as strong as what Diona gets and only lasts up to 5 seconds. Despite that fact, it could still make or break the team during battles.

Cryo Attacks

Diona’s aimed shot, elemental skill, and elemental burst all deal Cryo damage to opponents. Although the damage is not significant, inflicting Cryo status on enemies is a great factor for a Melt or Superconduct elemental reaction team.

This is probably the role for Diona when considering her offensive talents alongside her support capabilities.

Unlocking her constellation level 4, Wine Industry Slayer will speed up the charge time of Dion’s aimed shots by 60% whenever she is inside Signature Mix’s icy field. This will let Diona inflict Cryo more times to aid the party.

Maxed Out Constellation Levels

If you are lucky enough to get Diona at least seven times, you have finally maxed out her constellations. The last level, Cat’s Tail Closing Time, will greatly enhance the support capabilities of Signature Mix.

Aside from the elemental burst’s initial healing ticks per second, characters with 50% remaining HP and below will have an increased 30% Incoming Healing Bonus. If the characters in the field have more than 50% HP, they will gain a bonus of 200 elemental mastery.


The best weapons for Diona are the ones with Energy Recharge Rate bonus to allow spamming of her elemental burst or keep this healing talent ready whenever the team needs it.

The first choice for the 4-star rarity bows is the Sacrificial Bow. Its passive or refinement effect will give a chance to reset the elemental skill whenever it hits an opponent.

diona weapon sacrificial

This is very useful, especially with a C2 Diona, because she can provide more shield to the entire party. Also, the more she uses her elemental skill, the more she can collect energy thus, increasing the times that Signature Mix is ready for use.

The second choice for this rarity will be the Favonius Warbow. This weapon has a higher Energy Recharge Rate bonus compared to that of the Sacrificial Bow’s.

diona weapon favonius

Its refinement effect will give Diona a chance to regenerate energy or elemental particles whenever she makes a critical hit.

The only 5-star bow with a secondary stat of Energy Recharge Rate bonus is the Elegy of the End.

diona weapon elegy

Given its rarity, it has a high base ATK which Diona’s Cryo attacks can benefit from. Its refinement effect will increase Diona’s Elemental Mastery by 60. Whenever her elemental skill and elemental burst hit an opponent, the party will have a chance to get an increase in their Elemental Mastery and ATK.

The Signature Mix, which will continuously damage opponents inside its AOE, can trigger the refinement effect of the Elegy of the End, even if Diona is not on the field.

Artifacts and Stat Build

The strength of Icy Paws’ shield and the amount of HP that Signature Mix regenerates scales off of Diona’s Max HP. Thus, HP and/or Healing Bonus will be the priority. Energy recharge rate should also be considered due to the high energy requirement of Signature Mix.

If you want to build a pure healer Diona, 4-piece Maiden Beloved should be the set that you give her.

diona arti maiden

A 4-piece Noblesse Oblige set is another option for Diona. This will boost the continuous Cryo damage of her elemental burst and give the entire party an ATK bonus after casting Signature Mix.

diona arti noblesse

Another option for a healer route would be a combination of 2-piece Maiden Beloved and 2-piece Tenacity of Millelith.

The 2-piece Maiden Beloved will increase Diona’s healing effectiveness by 15%, while the Tenacity of Millelith increases her HP by 20%.

Diona may not be the top support for healing up-time, but she is definitely a decent one in all situations. She shines, however, in battles against Cryo enemies or in Melt and Superconduct team compositions.

Which type of build do you prefer for Diona? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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