How to Use the Xenomorph in Dead by Daylight


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Dead by Daylight again adds another horror icon to its killer roster with Alien’s Xenomorph. If you’ve watched Alien films, you’ll know that this creature is fast, agile, and pretty good at sneaking around and catching unsuspecting space truck drivers by surprise.

How to Use the Xenomorph in Dead by Daylight

With the latest chapter in Dead by Daylight focused on Alien, players can access the Xenomorph, new survivor Ellen Ripley, and a new sci-fi map in the form of the Nostromo Wreckage.

What is a Xenomorph?

Movie audiences were introduced to the Xenomorph in 1979 with the premiere of Ridley Scott’s Alien. These parasites/predators from the mind of H.R. Giger start as slimy eggs that eject out these tiny aliens dubbed ‘facehuggers.’

These facehuggers latch onto a host’s face (usually a human’s in the films) and lay eggs in the cavity area. The facehugger will fall off, seemingly dead. However, a tiny alien ‘chestburster’ will emerge after a while from the host’s chest cavity. The chestburster’s grown form is the Xenomorph.

In the films, Xenomorphs are extremely resilient. They have a knack for hiding around and attacking their prey unsuspectedly. Xenomorphs are agile and have extremely acidic blood that can burn through anything. Thus, making one bleed may only cause more problems. They can also stab humans with their tails.

Audiences watched Ellen Ripley take on one Xenomorph in the first Alien. She then got to take on a whole swarm of them in the James Cameron-directed Aliens. From that point, the Xenomorph has been considered one of the most iconic sci-fi horror icons ever.

A screenshot of a Xenomorph from Aliens

What are Xenomorph’s Powers in Dead by Daylight

Admittedly, the game can’t bring in everything about the Xenomorph from the films, but it does use most of its signature tactics when terrorizing its victims.

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The Xenomorph’s power is Hidden Pursuit, which allows it to navigate a network of underground tunnels, allowing for speedy traversal of the map in seconds. If a survivor is near a control station for the underground tunnel, their presence will be revealed.

As for Xeno’s special ability, it has Crawler Mode, which will put the alien on all fours, speeding up its movement and minimizing its terror radius—making it nifty for stealth. In this mode, the Xeno uses its tail to attack, and it very much acts like a tentacle where it can damage survivors across downed pallets and windows.

Though the previous two specials were meant to be advantages for the alien, the killer also comes with a special item in the form of the Remote Flame Turret, which is more of a pro for the survivor. The turrets can be found at the control stations. Players can pick them up and set them anywhere they choose. Once the Xeno approaches a turret, it will burst fire and put the alien out of Crawler Mode. Xeno’s can still attack a turret to destroy it, though.

A screenshot of Ripley from Aliens in Dead by Daylight

Shareable Perks

Besides the alien’s special abilities, the Xenomorph also comes with three new perks, them being:

Ultimate Weapon – When searching a locker, survivors that enter a vicinity will scream, revealing their Aura. They will also gain Blindness for a short period.

Rapid Brutality – The killer no longer gains Bloodlust but will get a speed boost whenever they hit with a basic attack.

Alien Instinct – When a survivor is hooked, the survivor furthest to the killer will have their Aura revealed. While this is also in effect, the survivor received the Oblivious Status Effect.

Quick Tips

Seeing as the Xeno has just dropped, several players are still trying to figure out how effective it can be in the field. So far, it’s best to lean in on its abilities of traversal and speed. Entering the secret tunnels will also reveal where the generators are, and the alien can also hear the steps of each of the survivors running around so they can find out which place it would be best to pop up.

Since the turret does take away the Crawler Mode power, it can be easily recharged again when the Xeno goes back into the secret tunnel, so if you ever get caught off guard, there is a chance to recuperate and start again.

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