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Tales of Arise is the latest installment in Bandai Namco’s acclaimed JRPG series but that doesn’t mean the game doesn’t offer anything new. One of the biggest changes can be found in the game’s fast-paced combat system. As compared to previous games, each character in Tales of Arise plays differently from one another. It’s all thanks to the unique Perks and Boost Attacks that they have.

How To Use Perks and Boost Attacks In Tales Of Arise

Perks are essentially passive abilities that a character has. Keep in mind that you’re free to use more than just Alphen during combat. You can also use Shionne, Rimwell, Law, Kisara, and Dohalim as well. You can take advantage of their Perks when you play them.

On the other hand, Boost Attacks are active abilities that you can use to down opponents. Once down, you can deal more damage to them. Boost Attacks can also stop enemies on their track just in case they get to rowdy. A perfectly timed Boost Attack can save your party from a lot of trouble. Here’s a quick guide on the Perks and Boost Attack of each of the characters in the game.


Alphen’s Perk is his ability to use the Blazing Sword. You can activate the Blazing Sword in combat but initiating an Arte but instead of letting go of the button assigned to that Arte, you have to hold it for a few seconds. This will initiate a secondary Arte that deals massive damage. The problem though is that when you use the Blazing Sword, Alphen’s life is greatly damaged along the way. Make sure your healer is prepared to give Alphen support.

Alphen’s Blazing Sword abilities are unlocked via the Skill Tree except for the first one. Make sure to get these Artes first as they can really help you out during those tough enemies.

As for his Boost Attack, Alphen serves as a jack-of-all-trades. He can swing his sword hard enough so that all types of enemies can be downed with it. It’s best to use his Boost Attack as a last resort because it can help your party members out of a sticky situation.


Shionne isn’t just a master healer, she’s also an excellent marksman in Tales of Arise. Her special Perk is that she can throw grenades at enemies – these are different from her Artes and spells. You can shoot these grenades while they’re still in the air by pressing the button you used to throw the grenade. This results in a stronger explosion that can decimate groups of enemies.

Her Boost Attack is one of the most important ones in the game as it allows her to take down flying enemies. Of the six party members, only Shionne and Rimwell are ranged fighters. What makes Shionne better at taking down aerial foes is that her Boost Attack can help you down these enemies almost instantly.


Rimwell is the party’s local mage. With the right elemental Artes at her disposal, she can easily deal damage to foes. Her special Perk allows her to charge and ready her spells for use at a later time. This is a very useful ability as Rimwell’s spellcasting does get cancelled if she is staggered. By delaying your spell, Rimwell can avoid wasting her action gauge.

As for her Boost Attack, Rimwell serves as the main counter to enemies with elemental shields. These are enemies that are commonly mage users as well. As you use Rimwell’s Boost Attack, she can quickly down any foe with those tough magical shields. While these can be taken out with regular attacks, Rimwell’s magic makes it a lot quicker.


Law benefits from aggressiveness which is fitting as his skillset sees him chaining Artes and basic attacks easily. If you are able to successfully attack enemies without getting staggered, Law’s physical and elemental damage will increase consistently. However, the damage boost does stop at a certain point. If Law gets staggered while his damage boost is active, the buff will disappear immediately.

He has one of the most crucial Boost Attacks in the game. Law counters enemies with shields or enemies that have a sturdy shell. This is a good thing as it will allow you to easily defeat those pesky Renan soldiers who are mostly equipped with a large shield that’s typically hard to get through.


True to her personality, Kisara is the best defender in the game. Her special Perk allows her to block incoming damage with her shield. Kisara can’t dodge like the others but her shield can be very helpful for stopping foes on their tracks. What’s good is that Kisara can also use certain Artes while her shield is up so it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s pure defense.

Some enemies in the game are going to be charging at your party relentlessly. While you can dodge these types of attacks if you time it properly, Kisara’s Boost Attack is usually the better solution as it can instantly down foes in the process. Charging foes can knock back all of your party members and ruin your formation but Kisara’s Boost Attack can prevent that from happening.


While Kisara is good at blocking, Dohalim is good at dodging. Out of all the characters, only Dohalim benefits from a perfect dodge. If you time your evasion properly, Dohalim’s staff will lengthen and his range will increase as well. Additionally, he can land more critical hits during this stage which is why it’s very important to master dodging. A perfect dodge is initiated if you are able to avoid getting hit at the last minute.

Dohalim’s Boost Attack is used against enemies who are nimble and agile. Typically, these enemies can be hard to attack as they can hop in and out of your range. If you use Dohalim’s Boost Attack however, they’ll be immobilized immediately, thus allowing you to go all-out with your attack.

How To Use A Boost Attack

The Boost Attack is one of the most important abilities in Tales of Arise. It can help you take out even foes that are overpowered compared to your party. Each character has a Boost Attack gauge which is visible at the bottom left side of the screen. This gauge will fill up over time but it can move faster if you attack enemies as well.

Characters who are on your reserved line cannot increase their Boost Attak by attacking. However, their gauge replenishes at a faster rate.

Boost Attacks aren’t meant to be spammed as you would the Artes of characters. Instead, you should hold on to your Boost Attacks and then only use them when it’s only necessary. This means only using the Boost Attack when there’s a moment to counter the enemy. If you use Boost Attacks properly, you can inflict the Break status on enemies where they’ll be immobilized and begin taking extra damage.

Mastering the Perks and Boost Attacks of the characters in Tales of Arise is going to be your key in mastering the game’s complex combat system. Hopefully, this short guide helps you fully utilize Alphen and the gang’s unique abilities in combat.

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