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Making potions in Valheim is important. They will provide you with buffs, and stats advantage over your opponents. Although it can be quite difficult making mead.

Valheim: How to Find More Beehives

Mead base is essentially the potion, but not fermented yet. You can use a pot to cook these mead bases, and then you will need to put them in the fermenter. The point is that, you will be doing much of this, and you will need a lot of ingredients.

There are different ingredients for each mead, but the most common one is definitely honey.

How to Find More Beehives – Valheim

For those that didn’t know, you can produce your own honey inside Valheim. This is a silver lining, since the same can’t be said for raspberries and blueberries which are the other most common ingredients in meads.

To make honey, you will need to make your own hives, and for that you will need a queen bee, which you can get from a wild beehive. Thankfully, every biome in Valheim has beehives.

The best way to find beehives in the wild of Valheim is to look for abandoned old structures. Bees tend to make nests in cramped areas where they can’t be bothered.

That is why they make hives in old and abandoned structures in Valheim. To take down a beehive, I would suggest not using melee attacks.

Instead, attack the beehive with a bow and arrow. This will make sure that you’re properly away from the beehive, where you can’t get stung. They do quite a bit of damage, and will definitely poison you.

Once you take the beehive down, you can loot it, and from it, you will get the queen bee. Along with some wood and the queen bee, you will be able to make your own beehives which will produce honey.

I suggest going all out on your honey production because as you progress, you will need more and more meads, which means honey as well.

If you’re new to Valheim, a good number to start with is four beehives, but you might need to increase the size of your production in the future.

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