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Valheim is a game which has many bosses, and if you challenge them, you better be ready to put up a fight.

Valheim: How to Beat the Elder Boss

There are no ways that you can skip these bosses, although there is no reason to. The point is that they’re relatively easy to take down if you know how to do so, and many of them must be eliminated in order to progress in the game, or get to the next age.

That is the particular case with the Elder boss, since you will need one of the items that he drops for a later time.

How to Beat the Elder Boss – Valheim

The Elder boss is the second boss in the game, and while this boss isn’t that strong, you might have some trouble if you aren’t geared properly. What you need from this boss is the swamp keys which you can use for the crypts in the swamp biome.

For those that don’t know, crypts are the richest places in iron in the game. So, it is absolutely essential that you take down this boss. For those that don’t know how to summon him, scroll down after the tips as there will be a guide on how to do it.

If you’ve already summoned the Elder boss, here are things you can do to ensure that you beat him in Valheim:

  • Make sure to be geared properly. Armor is really important, and if you don’t have proper gear, you won’t be able to take him down. Only exception is if you have a few premades.
  • Use fire arrows. The Elder boss is weak to fire damage, and if you have fire arrows, you will definitely make a dent in his health.
  • Build a workbench or a forge close to him, but not too close since he might destroy it. Use it to repair your items mid-fight.
  • Block. His long-range attacks won’t do much damage to you if you use a shield. Some might break through, but it is much better to use a shield.
  • Make as many potions as possible!

Summoning the Elder Boss

The Elder boss can be summoned in the Black Forest. What you need is three ancient seeds. You can get them from dwarf nests, and from dwarfs with clubs.

If you destroy the nests, make sure you can find more, since these do not spawn again. Use the ancient seeds in the ancient bowl with fire, and soon the Elder boss should appear!

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