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This Valorant Agent Fade Guide will walk you through Agent 20’s role and abilities in Valorant.

Valorant Agent Fade Guide

Fade is one of the newest Agents in Valorant and the fifth Initiator Agent in the game. She carries powerful abilities that help her spot and clear areas around the map for her team.

Fade’s kit can be very powerful in the right hands, but it can also be quite confusing to use as well. With that in mind, we have outlined a few tips in this Valorant Agent Fade guide to get you up to speed on the Turkish Bounty Hunter.

Turkish Bounty Hunter Fade

Fade is Agent 20 in Valorant. She was a former REALM employee and Bounty Hunter before she joined the Valorant Protocol.

Fade possesses the Radiant Power called Nightmare – the power to reveal a target’s deepest fears. When combined with Fade’s exceptional bounty-hunting skills, Nightmare allows her to hunt down targets and gather key information about them.

Fade used Nightmare and her information-gathering prowess to blackmail the entire Valorant Protocol throughout Episode 4. Fade terrorized Agents by revealing information on individual Agents’ pasts and even threatened to reveal the Valorant Protocol’s secrets to the public if her demands were not met.

Cypher would eventually pinpoint Fade’s location to a warehouse in Istanbul. Sova and his team would eventually capture Fade and take her in for questioning.

Believing Fade to be a great asset to the team, Cypher suggests the Protocol hire her, much to the surprise of the other Valorant Agents.

Fade Abilities Guide

Fade’s abilities revolve around information-gathering and clearing key spots around maps to make site entry more manageable for her teammates.

Your job when playing is to use your abilities to spot enemies early with Haunt and clear out corners, cubbies, and key areas using Prowler or Seize. Check out the Valorant Agent Fade ability guide below to better understand how each works.


valorant agent fade prowler ability

EQUIP a Prowler, FIRE to send the Prowler forward. HOLD FIRE to steer the Prowler towards your crosshair. The Prowler will chase down the first enemy or Terror Trail it sees and Nearsight, the enemy on impact.

  • Charges: 2
  • Cost: 250 Credits
  • Duration: 2.5 seconds
  • Health: 60 HP
  • Debuff: 2.75s Nearsight

Prowler is similar to Sova’s Owl Drone and Skye’s Trailblazer in that you can use the ability to drive away enemies from key areas on the map. Unlike those abilities, however, you will not have a dedicated view of the ability’s travel path as you guide it through the map.

Nevertheless, Prowler will automatically track and follow the first enemy it spots, and it will automatically follow a Terror Trail with increased movement speed. Upon hit, enemies will be nearsighted for 2.75 seconds.

When using Prowler, ensure you have a teammate nearby who can take advantage of its Nearsight effect. As such, it is important to coordinate with your teammates and use Prowler alongside them for the best results.


3 8

EQUIP a know of raw fear. FIRE to throw. The knot drops down after a set time. RE-USE to drop the knot early. The knot ruptures on impact, Holding nearby enemies in place. Held enemies are Deafened and Decayed.

  • Charges: 1
  • Cost: 200 Credits
  • Duration: 4.5 seconds
  • Debuff: Deafen. 75 HP Decay (restores over 12s)

You can throw Fade’s Seize toward common enemy spots around the map to check for enemy presence. If the Seize orb doesn’t disappear after a few seconds, you can be sure there is an enemy in that area. You can also cut the ability’s flight mid-air by pressing the ability button while the knot is in the air.

Seize is one of Fade’s most underrated and misunderstood abilities. On its own, Seize does not permanently damage enemies and is only typically used for information gathering on small areas on the map.

However, Seize can be mighty when used with AoE damage abilities such as Raze’s grenade or just about any type of molly. You can also use Seize to slow down or stop the enemies from rushing when playing defense.


Valorant Agent Fade Haunt Ability

EQUIP a haunting watcher. FIRE to throw. The watcher drops down after a set time. RE-USE to drop the watcher early. The watcher lashes out on impact, Revealing enemies in its line of sight and creating Terror Trails for them. Enemies can destroy the watcher.

  • Charges: 1
  • Cost: Free
  • Duration: 2s
  • Cooldown: 40s
  • Health: 1 HP
  • Debuff: Real-time Reveal. 12s Trail.

Haunt is Fade’s Signature Ability, which allows her to spot enemies around bombsites or key areas on the map in real-time. Like Seize, you can stop the orb’s flight mid-air and force it to land short by pressing the ability button.

Enemies spotted by Haunt will be Revealed and will leave a Terror Trail. You can use the Terror Trail to get a good idea of the enemy’s location or use Prowlers to track down the fleeing target automatically.

Unlike Sova’s Recon Dart, Haunt does not scan areas on the map. Instead, Haunt’s ‘watcher’ instantly spots and tags enemies within its line of sight. With that in mind, Haunt works best when placed on higher ground where it can get a birds-eye view of entire bomb sites.

Knowing a few Haunt Lineups will help maximize Haunt’s coverage. Check out this Fade Haunt Lineup for Ascent to get the most out of Haunt.


image 91

EQUIP the power of Nightmare itself. FIRE to unleash a wave of unstoppable nightmare energy. Terror Trails, Deafened and Decayed mark enemies caught in the wave.

  • Ultimate Points: 8
  • Debuff: 12s Trail. Deafen. 75 HP Decay (restored over 12s)

Fade’s Nightfall is fairly straightforward in both its use and effect. You can simply pick a bombsite and use Nightfall to cover an entire area. Terror Trails, Deafened, and Decayed will mark enemies within the bombsite.

1 11

Nightfall is a powerful ability thanks to its Decay debuff, making enemies easier to kill. Nightfall also tracks enemies making them easier to track down with Prowlers, and the Deafening effect makes it harder for the enemy team to know your position.

Fade’s Ultimate Ability is powerful enough to guarantee a free round, assuming you and your teammates play the round well. Make sure to coordinate with your teammates and use Nightfall as soon as it is available.

What role is Valorant Agent Fade?

Fade is an Initiator Agent who specializes in information-gathering and corner-clearing. Her Haunt can help give her team information early in the round, while her Prowler, Seize, and Nightfall can help drive away enemies from entire bomb sites.

As an Initiator, Fade is expected to use her abilities for her teammates rather than herself. Haunt is an especially important ability for Fade because it can reveal enemy positions in real-time. Haunt also synergizes with Prowler, allowing Fade to track down enemies.

Bounty Hunter Turned Valorant Agent

Fade is a powerful Initiator Agent that can make Attacking and Defending easier for her team in Valorant. Her abilities are fairly straightforward, but you’ll have to communicate closely with your teammates to make the most out of them.

That’s about it! We hope you have a better understanding of Valorant Agent Fade with the help of this guide.

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