VALORANT: How to Aim like ScreaM with his Dot Crosshair


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ScreaM is one of the most popular CS: GO pros ever. Many people know him for his one-taps and have seen the numerous highlight videos born from his insane skill.

VALORANT: How to Aim like ScreaM with his Dot Crosshair

He is a mechanically gifted player born with laser-like precision. His aim is smooth like butter, and his flicks are electric. His insane knack for knocking people’s heads off in-game with a single bullet can be attributed to the hours and hours of aim training, experience, and sky-high confidence.

He even carries all these CS: GO highlight-worthy skills over into VALORANT.

However, let us not forget about one of the most important aspects of ScreaM’s aim; his crosshair.

We all know by now that ScreaM’s crosshair is the singular most important secret sauce in ScreaM’s humble one-tap pie. All those highlight reels of one-taps would have never existed if it weren’t for his crosshair. ScreaM would be nothing without his crosshair.

If you want to aim like ScreaM, you have come to the right place. Read on to learn how to aim better and score one-taps like ScreaM.

ScreaM’s Crosshair in VALORANT

image 21
ScreaM’s White-Dot Crosshair. Ridiculously small.

All jokes aside, ScreaM’s VALORANT crosshair is something not everyone can pull off. It is insanely tiny and punishes panic sprays very, very hard. I typed the word twice, which should give you a good idea.

Add that to the fact that smaller crosshairs in VALORANT tend to magically disappear whenever three or more Agents appear onscreen, along with their numerous abilities that ricochet across your gaming monitor.

What more with a measly dot as a crosshair?

This crosshair serves ScreaM’s playstyle very well since he is more committed to a tapping or burst shooting type of aim. ScreaM is rarely seen killing three people by spray transfer; no, ScreaM likes to take clean, smooth shots at enemies as if his bullets cost a million dollars each. This efficient and surgical precision-like approach to aiming will best serve this crosshair.

If you want to train to copy ScreaM’s smooth aim, let’s look at how you can emulate ScreaM’s crosshair. After all, if you can’t have ScreaM’s mechanical prowess, you can at least have the same crosshair.

Let’s take a look at how to make ScreaM’s crosshair.

How to Make ScreaM’s Crosshair in VALORANT

Copying ScreaM’s crosshair is as simple as how the crosshair itself looks:

  1. On the VALORANT Home screen, click on this gear button to open the in-game settings:
1 18
image 17

2. Click on “Crosshair”:

2 4

3. Under “Crosshair>General,” click on this drop-down menu:

3 3

4. Select “Create New Profile”:

image 18

5. You will be prompted to name the newly created profile. You can name it whatever you want. For this example, we will name it “ScreaM.”

image 19

6. Next, click on “Primary”:

5 1

7. Turn off Inner Lines and Outer Lines:

6 3
7 1

8. Scroll back up to the “Crosshair” section, and turn “Center Dot” to “On”:

8 1

9. Copy the rest of the settings as seen here:

image 20

Crosshair Color: White

Outlines: On

Outline Thickness: 1

Center Dot: On

Center Dot Opacity: 1

Outline Opacity: 1

Center Dot Thickness: 2

Override Firing Error Offset With Crosshair Offset: Off

Override All Primary Crosshairs With My Primary Crosshair: Off

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That is about it. ScreaM’s crosshair in VALORANT is as simple as it gets; a white dot with outlines. The goal of this crosshair is to keep the screen clear of any distractions and unnecessary elements which may mislead players in-game. This crosshair coaxes you to think of headshots, one-taps, and just pure aim.

ScreaM Stands For Super Creamy

Breeze is where this crosshair truly shines.

We joked around with this crosshair being the only real reason ScreaM has such good aim. But this crosshair is remarkably good and can help players land more headshots.

The small size is aided by an outline which helps it stand out against most backgrounds despite the astronomically small crosshair. Being this tiny also helps minimize clutter around the middle of the screen where it matters most. Because of this, players might be able to focus more on their enemy’s head rather than their crosshairs.

ScreaM’s Dot Crosshair shines the most in maps with longer sightlines, such as Icebox and Breeze. Landing headshots with ScreaM’s crosshair on those maps was a breeze, not to mention confidence-inspiring. The small size makes the enemy’s heads more visible at farther ranges and truly does help for landing those sick one-taps.

Go ahead and try this crosshair for yourselves. You might be able to score some sick highlights and super creamy one-taps just like ScreaM. 

image 33

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