VALORANT: Best Cypher Camera Spots on Breeze


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VALORANT: Best Cypher Camera Spots on Breeze

Cypher’s bread-and-butter abilities are arguably his Trap Wire and Spycam, as both abilities can help Cypher secure spots around the map. For this guide, we turn to Cypher’s Spycam and the best spots you can place around Breeze to get the best sightlines around the map.

Best Camera Spots on Breeze A-site

Let’s get this out of the way first – Cypher will have limited options when playing on A-site. A site’s layout makes it very difficult to get isolated Trap Wire kills because of the lack of adjacent angles and objects to place Trap Wires on.

Nevertheless, Cypher can help with A-site Defense with a well-placed Spycam that will allow him to see the area around the A-Cave entrance.

A-site Spycam

image 452
image 451

This A-site camera spot will give you early information on Attacking team players in A-Cave. For retakes, this camera also provides a decent view of some spots behind the Pyramids and A-Cave.

A-Hall Spycam

image 453
image 454

As mentioned previously, A-Hall is an important lane to defend on Breeze. Without A-Hall control, the Attackers will have another sightline towards A-Backsite through the mechanical door. In addition, the Attacking team can cut off rotations coming from B-site from A-Halls.

This Cypher camera spot will easily spot Attackers walking inside A-Hall. You will see them before they can see you due to the placement angle of the Spycam.

Best Camera Spots on Breeze Middle

If you want to win on Breeze, you need to control Middle. Middle control is very important on Breeze – it provides flanking lanes towards the A-site and B-site through Middle Doors and B-Tunnel, respectively.

The most common setup for Defense on Breeze will be a 2-1-2 split where two players hold A-site, one player holds Middle, and two players hold B-site. However, there’s A-Hall to worry about on the map, forcing one of your teammates to leave the A-site and watch the A-Hall area.

Use Cypher’s Spycam to watch Middle instead. This way, you can hold A-Hall and Middle by yourself and free up bodies on your team that you can use to fortify either A-site or B-site.

Mid-Nest Spycam

image 455
image 456

This camera spot also gives you a good view of the Middle and B-Elbow. You can leave Middle area duties to your Spycam and play A-Hall instead.

Middle to Defender Spawn Spycam

image 457
image 458

Alternate between the Mid Nest Spycam and this B-Tunnel Spycam to keep your enemies guessing. Nevertheless, this Spycam spot at B-Tunnel will give you an even better view of Breeze Middle since it covers some of Attacker Spawn.

Best Camera Spots on Breeze B-site

If you are playing Cypher on Breeze, you’re best off playing him on B-site. B-site offers plenty of Trap Wire options that can deter the Attacker team rush into the bomb site.

With the help of your Spycam, you can hold both B-site and Middle on Breeze without too many problems.

B-Backsite Spycam

image 459
image 460

Placing Cypher’s Spycam at B-Backsite will give you a bird’s eye view of the entire bombsite, including B-Main and some of B-Tunnel.

B-Arches Spycam

image 462
image 461

If the B-Backsite Spycam gets shot down too often, you can try and place the Spycam at B-Arches instead. This one will not give you as good a view as the B-Backsite camera, but it still covers a ton of area on the B-site.

B-site Entrance Spycam

image 463
image 464

The best Cypher cameras are ones that sit behind enemy lines. The incoming enemy team will be too busy clearing cubbies and corners upon site entry to notice a camera above their heads. Use this Spycam spot if you are continuously getting rushed at B-site and want to play for a retake the next time around.

B-Backsite Spycam

image 465
image 466

Alternate between this camera spot and the B-Backsite camera spot so the enemy team can not shoot the cameras down too easily. This camera spot should give you a clearer view of B-Tunel but sacrifice some vision towards B-Main. Still, this camera spot provides a good sightline of the entire B-site and can be useful for retake situations.

A Third Eye

No matter where you decide to play Cypher on Breeze, a few well-placed cameras should help you defend multiple lanes and angles on the map and free up bodies so your teammates can stack up in one bombsite or another.

With that said, the Cypher camera spots featured above will give you a good view of key areas around the A-site, Middle, and B-site. You can monitor the enemy team’s movements and adjust your team’s map distribution accordingly.

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