VALORANT: Best Cypher Camera Spots on Pearl


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You can always use an extra set of eyes.

VALORANT: Best Cypher Camera Spots on Pearl

Pearl is a map that resembles the lost but not forgotten Split in terms of how tight the lanes are and the number of corners you would have to check upon site entry. If you have not forgotten yet, Cypher was one of the best Agents to play back when Split was still part of the competitive queue since his Trap Wire, Cyber Cage, and Spycam could be set up in various ways to catch and punish incoming enemies on either bombsite.

The same holds for Pearl, which also features many corners and lanes Cypher can use to set up cheeky traps to catch and pick off the enemy team. However, none of these setups will be possible without the proper placement of Cypher’s Spycam.

This guide lists the best Cypher Camera Spots on Pearl that should help you tag, locate, and view enemy locations from anywhere on the map.

Cypher Best Camera Spots on Pearl A-site

Thanks to the ability’s generous range, you can place Cypher’s Spycam in spots where no enemy would suspect the camera to be. One good example is the A-Main Entrance Balcony Spycam placement, which can spot enemies hiding around the A-Camp area and the rest of the A-Backsite.

Variations and various Spycam placements will help keep your enemies on their toes, giving you the information and vision you need to activate your traps at the perfect time.

A-site Entrance Balcony

image 597
You need to jump and aim for the top of the door to place this one.
image 596

A-site Backwall

image 590
You need to jump while standing on top of the A-Default to place this one.
image 591

A-Secret Tree

image 592
image 593

A-Camp Window

image 594
image 595

Cypher Best Camera Spots on Pearl Middle

Typically, Cypher is best when played within bombsites on most maps in VALORANT, where his kit can do the most damage. Despite the need for middle control on Pearl, Cypher will still be better off just holding A-site or B-site with his traps and Spycam on defense.

Nevertheless, if your team has a second Sentinel that can do a better job holding A-site, you can play Cypher as a flex Agent in B-site that can hold both B-Link and B-Main.

When playing the Attacker side on Pearl, use the Mid Shops Spycam placement shown below to get a small but valuable glimpse of A-Art early in the round.


image 600
image 601

Mid Shops

image 599
Get on top of the Mid Market box.
image 598

Cypher Best Camera Spots on Pearl B-site

For B-site, you can place Cypher’s Spycam on the B-Hall roof if you jump while standing on the small platform at B-Tower.

Another great Spycam location would be in one of the windows above the safe plant spot. This will be a tricky spot for the Attacking team since the angle would be too tight towards their right upon site entry.


image 603
image 602

B-Safe Plant

image 604
image 605

You’re Being Watched

These Cypher Spycam placements should give you a great vantage point or sightline towards the Attacking/Defending team around Pearl. Remember to cycle between these Spycam placements so the enemy team never indeed figures out where your Spycam is around the map.

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