VALORANT: Best KAYO Molly Lineups on Bind


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Post-plant molly lineups to punish those defusers on Bind.

VALORANT: Best KAYO Molly Lineups on Bind

Despite Bind’s relatively narrow lanes and tight corners, you can easily line up most abilities, such as Sova’s Shock Dart, Brimstone’s Incendiary, and even Killjoy’s Nanoswarm Grenades, thanks to the map’s open skybox.

Knowing a few post-plant molly lineups on Bind will go a long way in making sure your team’s Spike plant does not go to waste. If you are playing KAYO, we have prepared some of the best post-plant molly lineups for Bind in this guide.

KAYO FRAG/ment Molly

image 91

FRAG/ment is KAYO’s molly ability. Like most molly utilities in VALORANT, FRAG/ment deals powerful damage over time over a large area. This can be very good for clearing out cubbies or driving enemy players away from contested grounds around maps.

Unfortunately, unlike Viper’s Snake Bite or Brimstone’s Incendiary, KAYO’s FRAG/ment only lasts 4 seconds, making it less ideal for delaying the Spike defuse on post-plant. It does, however, make up for the low duration with high tick damage that should deter enemy players from standing in its radius.

  • Equip Time: 0.7 seconds
  • Unequip Time: 0.6 seconds
  • Windup: 0.5 seconds
  • Radii: 1 meter (inner) and 4 meters (outer)
  • Damage: 25-60 per tick (inner radius deals more damage)
  • Ticks/Tick Rate: 1 every 1 second
  • Duration: 4 seconds

KAYO Molly Lineups on Bind A-site

On Bind A-site, you only have to worry about playing post-plant for A-Default or A-Triple. These two spots are where most Spike plants end up on A-site.

Depending on your team’s strategy for the round, you only need one molly lineup for A-Default and A-Triple. Below are two easy lineups for A-Default and A-Triple.

Bind A-Default

  1. Stand in this corner in A-Lobby:
image 67

2. Aim for the tip of this v-shaped gap in the leaves:

1 1
3 1

3. Throw KAYO’s molly:

image 69

When lined up properly, KAYO’s molly should land at A-Default:

image 70

Bind A-Triple

  1. Stand against the edge of this wall in A-Lobby:
image 71
image 72

2. Turn around and aim for the yellow inverse triangle on the A-site tower:

image 73
2 1

3. Throw KAYO’s molly:

image 74

When done correctly, KAYO’s molly should land at A-Triple:

image 75

KAYO Molly Lineups on Bind B-site

B-Default on Bind is the small corner towards the left of the site tube. This spot provides excellent cover from B-Backsite while planting. It also makes post-plant defense from B-Garden and B-Hooka much easier.

With that in mind, you only need one molly lineup for B-Default. Since you are most likely playing from the B-Garden/B-Long area, the lineup below will be thrown from there.

As a bonus, we have thrown in a useful Anti-Killjoy Lockdown lineup that you can use to destroy Killjoy’s lockdown.

Bind B-Default

  1. Look for this rock at B-Long:
image 84

2. Stand on top of the rock and against the wall:

image 85

3. Aim for the bottom left corner of the transformer:

image 86

4. Throw KAYO’s molly:

image 87

When lined up correctly, KAYO’s molly should land at B-Default:

image 83

Bind B-Middle of Tube

  1. Look for the smallest of the three rocks along the wall at B-Long:
image 76

2. Stand above the rock and against the wall:

image 77

3. Aim along the middle of the left edge of the transformer:

image 82
5 1

3. Throw KAYO’s molly:

image 80
image 81

Bind B-Orb Anti-Killjoy Lockdown

  1. Stand in this corner at B-Elbow:
image 89

2. Place the leftmost tip of the HP HUD Line on this part of the roof:


3. Throw KAYO’s molly:

image 90

When lined up properly, KAYO’s molly should land at the orb spot in B-Long. This is typically where Killjoy players plant their Lockdown, so get ready to use this molly if you see the enemy Killjoy’s Ultimate Ability is ready.

image 88

Hold Them Up

Other molly abilities, such as Viper’s Snake Bite and Brimstone’s Incendiary, last almost twice as long compared to FRAG/ment, making them great for delaying the Spike defuse. However, KAYO’s molly deals heavy damage despite its low duration, making it equally dangerous as a molly ability in VALORANT.

Nevertheless, KAYO’s FRAG/ment makes up for its low duration with heavy damage. If you can time the post-plant molly lineup well, you can easily take out the defuser, further delaying the Spike defuse.

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