VALORANT: Best Killjoy Lockdown Spots on Lotus (Attacking)


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Specific Lockdown spots can give Killjoy’s ult maximum coverage on Lotus.

VALORANT: Best Killjoy Lockdown Spots on Lotus (Attacking)

Killjoy’s Nanoswarm, Alarm Bot, and Turret give Killjoy the tools to delay enemy attacks, defend the Spike post-plant, and punish enemies for rushing into her bombsite.

With that said, her Lockdown ability gives her the ability to cover entire bombsites on Lotus for post-plant or retake situations.

Knowing the best spots to plant Killjoy’s Lockdown ability will go a long way in securing post-plant plays and retakes on Lotus.

In this guide, we have featured the best Lockdown spots for attacking so you can use them on your next Lotus game.

Killjoy Lockdown Lotus A-site Attacking

The best Lockdown spot for Lotus A-site is in the corner just next to the small cubby in Tree. Placing Killjoy’s Lockdown in this spot will allow you to cover the entire A-site, including A-Top and A-Silent Drop.

Since this spot is placed deep within A-Tree, the enemy team will have little to no chance of getting their hands on the Lockdown device on a retake.

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Killjoy Lockdown Lotus B-site Attacking

Lotus B-site is a relatively small bombsite where there’s just not a lot of covers the Defending team can use to spook the incoming Attackers.

Killjoy’s Lockdown can easily cover the entire B Bombsite with ease no matter where you place her Lockdown.

Nevertheless, the corner at B-Main is the best Lockdown spot for B-site, which gives you both full site coverage plus the protection the Lockdown device needs to complete its countdown.

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1 3

Killjoy Lockdown Lotus C-site Attacking

C-site is a bit trickier in terms of Lockdown spots if you’re Attacking with Killjoy on Lotus.

You can place the Lockdown after your team successfully enters the bombsite, but this defeats Lockdown’s goal of pushing away enemies and clearing the bombsite so your team can enter safely.

While the spot outside C-site is relatively open and accessible to rotating Defenders coming from B-Main or the Rotating Door connecting B-site and C-site, it is the only spot that allows you to immediately plant and clear C-site without having to wait for your teammates to clear the bomb site.

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Full Cover

Killjoy is currently one of the most effective Agents on the map, which isn’t too surprising given Killjoy’s ability to cover an entire bombsite on her own – a must-have in a triple bombsite map such as Lotus.

The Lockdown spots featured in this quick guide are the best spots to use on Lotus. These spots will give you maximum bombsite coverage while ensuring the enemy team can not get their hands on the Lockdown device, forcing them to fall deep away from any bombsite on Lotus.

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