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Omen, Astra, and Brimstone mains rejoice; here are the Best Smoke Spots on Fracture.

VALORANT: Best Smoke Spots on Fracture

Fracture is unlike any other map before it in VALORANT. Fracture is a slight departure from the classic long and short lanes toward either bombsite on the map. Instead, Fracture’s Dynamic Elements, the long zipline that Splits both A-site and B-site, allows the Attacking team to flank their chosen bombsite instantly.

Because of this, Defending on Fracture can be quite the challenge since the Attacking team will almost always have the numbers advantage going into a bombsite. Some well-placed smokes should be enough to grant the Attacking team a relatively safe entry into their bombsite of choice.

Fortunately, a few well-placed smokes are enough to slow down an Attacker side rush into just about any bombsite on the map. They should give the Defending team enough time to listen to sound clues and cues to anticipate which of the two bomb sites on the map the Attackers will take.

Whichever side you are playing on the map, we have compiled the Best Smoke Spots on Fracture to help you Attack and Defend more effectively around the map.

Best Smoke Spots on Fracture



When, Where, Why, and How to Smoke in VALORANT

Smokes are very easy to place and use in VALORANT, so players rarely think about where, when, and why they set their smoke utility in the first place.

When you should use your smoke utility is purely situational – depending on how the rest of the round goes, you might be forced to place a smoke somewhere unorthodox to serve a particular purpose.

The questions Where and Why you place your smokes at the beginning of the round are often predetermined, and where you place your smokes only depends on which bombsite on which map your team chooses to attack or defend. 

For the Attacking side, Why you place your smoke is to reduce the enemy’s vision. On the other hand, the Defending side will smoke off lanes and angles to slow the game’s pace down. 

Then there is the question of How to place smoke utilities covered in the article How to Use Smokes Effectively in VALORANT. You should give it a good read to give yourself the best idea of putting smokes correctly in VALORANT. 

Never take smokes for granted in VALORANT. In a game where many angles are present in every bombsite, your team will need as much help as they can get through using your team’s smoke utility.

Best Smoke Spots on Fracture A-site Attacking

Entering Fracture’s A-site without smokes can be disastrous.

Fracture’s A-site is the smaller bombsite of the two present on Fracture.

A-site should be easier to Attack then. Right? Well, yeah. However, there are a ton of close angles within A-site that your team has to clear out manually to avoid getting mowed down by cheeky Defenders playing with a Judge or Spectre.

For the most part, A-Link and A-Rope are all you need to smoke off to enter A-site safely. The A-Link smoke should help delay the Defender rotations from B-site. A-Rope also denies vision towards A-site so your team can safely plant the Spike at the A-Default area.

The smokes can buy your team enough time to clear out the rest of A-site and plant the Spike for post-plant from A-Hall (Playing inside A-Hall will allow you to defend the flank and the Spike at the same time)

Best Smoke Spots on Fracture B-site Attacking

Smoke off these spots around B-site to secure your Spike plant.

B-site is far the easier bombsite to attack Fracture, especially if your team has someone competitive attacking from Arcade.

Your team’s Arcade player should be able to distract the B-Tower player just long enough so your team can enter B-site from B-Main. Before you enter B-site, though, you will have to smoke off B-Canteen and B-Generator. Smokes around these spots should be enough to delay the rotations coming from the A-site.

Best Smoke Spots on Fracture B-site Attacking (From Arcade)

If you are Attacking from the Arcade area, your team will want to take control of B-Tower. However, climbing up the rope to enter B-Tower is a risky 50/50 situation since it is a chokepoint. Most of the time, your team will be better off smoking B-Tower so your team can cross the Arcade area safely.

Of course, you will want to smoke off the B-Link and B-Generator area so your teammates can cross that lane safely as you make your way into B-site itself.

Do not forget to warn your teammates about B-Tower if you decide to smoke it off from Arcade.

Best Smoke Spots on Fracture A-site Defending

A-site on Defense can be fun to play as a Controller or a Sentinel on Fracture. The only true entry points into the A-site are chokepoints that can easily be blocked off by simple smoke placements – A-Main and A-Dish.

You have to worry about positioning and pre-aiming these spots if the enemy team decides to push out of your smoke.

If you are playing Brimstone, you might want to use your extra smoke charge to smoke off the lane from A-Ropes, which should deny entry for Attackers coming from A-Door.

For Fracture’s A-site, the Best Smoke Spots on A-site Defending are A-Main and A-Drop. A-Drop is particularly powerful since the Attackers dropping from this spot will be at a disadvantage. 

Best Smoke Spots on Fracture B-site Defending

A ton of players tend to smoke off the B-Entrance itself on Defense. Unfortunately, this is not an effective smoke spot and gives the Attacking team access to B-Tunnel, which they can then use to flank through B-Arcade.

A more effective smoke will be a deep smoke at B-Tree since this denies the Attackers from taking any further space towards B-site and B-Tunnel.

Just be ready in case the enemy team pushes through your smokes.

Best Smoke Spots on Fracture B-site Defending (From Arcade)

For B-site’s Arcade side, a single smoke on top of the Ultimate Orb should be enough to make the Attacking team think twice about entering the Arcade area and should stall or stop an Attacker rush into B-Tower and B-site.

Arcade is one of the more important spots to control for the Defending team. Without Arcade control, Defenders rotating from Defender Spawn can not help out with onsite Defense since they risk getting hit with crossfire by the Attacking team at Arcade.

With this in mind, the Best Smoke Spots on Fracture B-site Defending (Arcade) are the Ultimate Orb smoke and the Link between Arcade and Defender Spawn.

Smokes Save Lives

Playing around Fracture feels fresh and exciting because of the multiple Attacking and Defending options around the map. Fracture’s Double Ziplines allow the Attacking team to instantly flank the two entry points towards either bombsite, forcing the Defending team to rethink how they stack players around the map.

Knowing where to smoke around Fracture can be the difference between winning or losing rounds. Without smokes, site entry and site defense will be very difficult for both the Attacking and Defending sides, especially if you are Attacking from A-Dish.

Lastly, make sure you communicate with your teammates to maximize the effectiveness of the smokes we have featured in this article. If you would like to learn more about the Best Smoke Spots for other maps in VALORANT, you might want to check out this article on Best Smoke Spots on Breeze.

That is about it! We hope you found this article helpful! Check out the PlayerAssist website for excellent Gaming Guides, Gaming News, Game Codes, and more!

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