VALORANT: Best Spike Plant Spots on Pearl


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VALORANT: Best Spike Plant Spots on Pearl

Compared to other maps in VALORANT, such as the long and spacious Breeze or the fun yet challenging Fracture, Pearl is more traditional in that it does not feature any dynamic elements such as zip lines or teleporters on the map. Instead, Pearl goes back to its tactical FPS roots and features a layout familiar to many FPS players that played Counter-Strike back in the day – the classic A-site-Middle-B-site layout.

With no gimmicks to worry about on the map, players can focus on traditional strategies to take control of the map.

Of course, this is still VALORANT we are talking about here, so you need to consider how your team’s abilities can work to your favor when playing on Pearl. You need to know where to plant the Spike to maximize your team’s post-plant defense potential.

Best Spike Plant Spots on Pearl

While Pearl only has two bombsites on the map – A-site and B-site – the Attacking team has many options regarding Spike plant spots on either.

However, planting the Spike on Pearl can quickly become disastrous come post-plant, where a spot that seemed completely safe and sensible upon site entry can quickly become impossible to defend.

With that in mind, the best plant spots on Pearl are relatively safe to plant on, easy to defend post-plant, and lineup friendly for your teammates that have mollies in their kit.

A-site Best Plant Spot on Pearl

image 277

Default Spike plant spots are often the safest when planting yet less ideal for post-plant. Surprisingly, Pearl’s A-Default is the best Spike plant spot for Pearl A-site. (There is only one other Default plant spot that’s also ideal for post-plant – Bind’s A-Default)

Pearl’s A-Default is fairly open from A-Main, making it easy for the Attacking team to watch and defend the Spike on post-plant.

Most molly lineups are made for A-Default as well. We even have some featured in our Viper Snake Bite Lineups for post-plant on Pearl. Feel free to try that out if you play Viper on Pearl.

Alternative Post-plant Spot on Pearl A-site

image 279

Like A-Default, this corner on A-site is a safe yet effective Spike plant spot for post-plant play on Pearl A-site. Use this variation if your team has control of A-Link.

B-site Best Plant Spot on Pearl

image 276

When Pearl first came out a few weeks ago, tons of players planted in the corner beside the screen on-site. You really can’t blame any of them for doing this, as you will instinctively want to plant in the safest spot as quickly as possible before reinforcements arrive.

However, this is probably the worst spot to plant the Spike in on B-site because of how close it is to the corner and the adjacent wall, making it near impossible to see the defuser if you are playing from B-Main.

Like A-site on Pearl, B-Default is arguably the best Spike plant spot on B-site for post-plant. Planting at B-Default will allow you to defend the Spike from as far back as B-Ramps if you want to.

image 275

Alternative B-site Post-plant Spot

image 278

If your team has control of both B-Main and B-Link, planting at this spot just outside of B-Hall can be suitable for playing post-plant from B-Link. This angle is open from both B-Main and B-Link, which can give daring defusers a lot to think about while defusing the Spike.

Plant Away

Planting on any of the above spots will guarantee a much more manageable post-plant play for your team on Pearl. The only real tradeoff with these plant spots is the lack of cover while planting upon site entry. But, this is easily rectified by asking your teammates to cover you while you plant or asking your team smoker Agent to smoke of key sightlines to secure your Spike plant.

Either way, remember that planting the Spike is still better than not planting the Spike at all, so if you feel like you are risking life and limb too much by planting on the ‘optimal’ spots featured above, feel free to plant at a safer location. You can always try next round again.

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