VALORANT: The Best Team Composition For Haven


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Haven is VALORANT’s only map with three bomb sites. The unique layout left many players considering how they could effectively attack or, most importantly, defend each of the three bomb sites on Haven.

VALORANT: The Best Team Composition For Haven

In a classic game of VALORANT, each team is limited to a maximum of just five players. Because of this shortage of manpower, Defending teams are forced to have just one or two players per bombsite at any given time.

With enemy team rushes consisting of three to five players concurrently, Defenders will often find themselves playing for retakes, as five Attackers coming into a bomb site at the same time can be too much for one or two Defenders. Haven is leaning towards being completely Attacker-sided, which is expected due to the triple bomb site setup.

Look at The Best Team Composition for playing in VALORANT’S only triple bombsite map, Haven!

The Best Team Composition For Haven: Sova, Jett, Skye, Killjoy, Omen/Astra


Sova’s kit is too powerful to ignore on almost any map in VALORANT. Split is probably the only map where Sova takes a backseat in favor of other Agents, such as Skye.

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On Haven, early information gathering is king. With Sova’s Recon Bolt and Owl Drone, gathering information on Haven becomes a cinch. Like Ascent, Haven’s bombsites have a relatively open skybox, yet they are small, making it an easy map to land Sova’s annoying Double Shockdarts to stop bomb plants and defuses. Finally, since Killjoy is a popular pick on Haven, Sova’s Ultimate can be an excellent counter to Killjoy’s Lockdown.

Overall, Sova is a well-rounded Initiator that does his job well and provides a consistent flow of value to any team.


Jett is too powerful on almost every map in the game right now. Her Dash is a godsend for a map like Haven, which features long lanes toward the bomb sites. Haven is where Jett can go aggressive with an Operator with minimal risk involved, thanks to her dash ability.

Haven is littered with multiple tall boxes on the three bomb sites. Jett can take advantage of these boxes’ elevation advantage to give her enemies a different look every time. Her smokes can quickly cover most lanes on-site, and Jett’s right-click Ultimate can be used to its full potential thanks to the close-quarters combat common on Haven’s open yet relatively small bomb sites.

Jett remains a force to be reckoned with on Haven.


Skye arguably has a top-three flash of any Agent in the game. She also possesses recon abilities, similar to Sova’s Recon Drone, with her Trailblazer ability. Her heal is a valuable piece of kit that can heal allies in an area around her, while her Ultimate is a homing “cabbage” that tracks and follows enemy team players wherever they are on the map.

Skye has become a popular secondary duelist in the game right now. Pro-teams have been picking her up to substitute for another duelist since double-duelist team compositions are less popular.

Skye has amazing site entry capabilities thanks to her flash and Trailblazer abilities and can set her team up for success when played well on Haven.


Because of the multiple bomb sites and entryways around Haven, playing defense can often be tricky. Teams will need an Agent who can watch two areas at once.

Enter, Killjoy.

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Thanks to Haven’s small bombsites, Killjoy’s Ultimate ability can cover most of the three bombsite areas. Killjoy can also set up her Alarm Bot, Nanoswarm Grenades, and Turret to watch Garage on Defense.

Watching Garage without having anyone from your team hold angles themselves is a godsend on Haven. Your teammates can watch and focus on the A or B sites.


The entryways and lanes towards either of the three bomb sites on Haven allow Omen’s Paranoia to cover these lanes fully and blind anyone caught in Paranoia’s path. Omen can also take advantage of the boxes around the map, much like Jett, thanks to Omen’s teleport ability for some high-ground action.

Omen is also a great smoker who can re-smoke spots around the map when his smoke is off-cool down, and his Ultimate is excellent for flanking enemy lines.

Astra would also be a great pick on Haven, but we understand how difficult it can be to play the cosmic Controller. Astra can take even more control of spots in Haven thanks to her unlimited ability range and is an even better smoker than Omen. Finally, Astra’s Ultimate is great for denying entry into the bomb site post-plant.

Team Haven

That is about it! These are the Agents that make the most sense on Haven. The triple bombsite layout challenges teams to carefully assign players around the map on Defense, which can be a challenge because of how limited manpower will be in every game.

No other map requires as much coordination and communication as Haven does. There are too many angles to watch and too many lanes to cover for just five players. Following this guide to create the best team composition for Haven will give you a much better chance of winning.

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