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If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Now it’s your turn to annoy enemies with some aneurysm-inducing Chamber traps on Ascent.

VALORANT: Chamber Setups on Ascent

We all know how annoying facing a Chamber can be when attacking. Chamber’s traps have an infinite activation range, which means that Chamber can effectively defend two different areas simultaneously.

To add insult to injury, Chamber traps force you to do one of two things:

  1. Shoot down the trap and expose your location.
  2. Don’t shoot down the trap and be slowed to a crawl.

Either way, Chamber will be notified that a player is within the premises of his trap. Also, the slow effect Chamber’s traps emit when destroyed covers a ton of space and slows enemies down to a literal crawl.

Here are some useful setups for playing Defense with Chamber on Ascent.

Ascent A-site Defending: A-Main + A-Tree Chamber Setups

Since Ascent features a Middle lane, the Attacking team can try to take control of it so that they can use two entryways to attack Ascent A-site.

Chamber can equip a maximum of two charges to his Trademark ability, which players can use to set up traps by the entrances of the two primary entryways into A-site.

First Trademark Trap Placement

Second Trademark Trap Placement

Ascent B-site – B-Main Defending + Middle Pizza Chamber Setups

These traps will help Chamber cover two different entryways at the same time. You can even set up his Rendezvous ability for these two spots so you can cycle between these two areas if the situation calls for it.

Like A-site, B-site only has one primary entryway into the bombsite – B-Main.

Players can set up a single Trademark trap by the right side of the B-Main entrance, and this should be enough to cover the entire B-Main entryway.

You can use your other Trademark charge to cover Middle Pizza so that the Attacking team can’t take two lanes towards B-site simultaneously.

First Trademark Trap Setup

Second Trademark Trap Setup

If your team dedicates a Sage Wall for Ascent Middle, you can skip the Middle Pizza Trap placement in favor of a B-Default Trap that will slow the Attacker push toward B-Lane.

Alternative B-site Trap Setup

Set up your Rendezvous for B-Logs and B-Boathouse so that you can easily teleport between these two spots.

Ascent A-site Attacking: Anti-flank Chamber Setup

Playing Chamber when Attacking can feel pretty silly at times since Sentinels Agents’ abilities are generally geared towards Defending bombsites, making them poorly kitted for Attacking.

With Chamber, you can use your traps to watch your team’s flank while pushing towards a bombsite.

For A-site, place one of your Trademark traps along the corner of the blue building at Attacker Spawn.

First Trademark Trap Setup

Second Trademark Trap Setup

You can double up on the A-Lobby/A-Main flank watch using both of your Trademark Trap charges.

Place the second one on this corner at A-Main.

Ascent B-site Attacking – Post-plant Defense

For B-site, your team will probably play within the bombsite itself on post-plant. You might want to save your Trademark charges for post-plant instead of the flank watch since it doesn’t make sense to set up traps where you can’t take advantage of the slow effect.

First Trademark Trap Setup

Second Trademark Trap Setup

C’est simple comme bonjour

Chamber is pretty straightforward to play on Ascent. No fancy or cheesy setups are needed here – a simple no-frills trap setup along primary entryways around Ascent is enough to slow down the Attacking team’s push into a crawl at just about any area on the map.

Just be careful and stay alert, as it won’t be long before the enemy team becomes weary of your traps.

Hopefully, you found this guide on Chamber Trap Setups on Ascent useful. Click on this link for more VALORANT Guides such as this one.

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