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The VALORANT Protocol’s premier stalker makes his way to Lotus.

VALORANT: Cypher Camera Spots on Lotus

Sentinels are a must-have on Lotus due to the map’s three bombsite layout. Agents such as Killjoy, Sage, and Cypher are the only Agents capable of holding down bombsites alone, making them indispensable picks for maps like Lotus.

Despite his low pick rate in VALORANT, Cypher is viable on Lotus. His nifty Spycam allows him to check multiple entryways and areas leading to bomb sites around the map. With multiple rotation options on the map, you’ll need an Agent like Cypher who can do flank-watch duties when Attacking and site defense work on Defense.

We have compiled some quick and easy Cypher Spycam spots on Lotus in this guide.

Lotus Spycams for Defending

Cypher is within his element when Defending Lotus. His upgraded Trapwires allow him to set up more intricate traps and easily hold down wider entryways, but you will need some help from Spycam to take advantage of these traps.

Additionally, it is important to have more than one Spycam placement on any map in VALORANT to keep your enemies guessing. You would not want to give the enemy team an easy and predictable target, do you?

A-Tree Wallbang Spycam

Play with an Odin or any high-penetration weapon when using this Spycam. The Spycam will give you information on Attackers entering A-Tree, which you can use from A-Top with an Odin.

5 18
6 17

A-Site Spycam 1

General purpose Spycam that will reveal all of A-site. Alternate between this Spycam and the other A-site Spycam below to keep your enemies guessing.

1 17
2 17

A-site Spycam 2

A more Defensive Spycam that is well hidden from the Attacks upon site entry.

3 18
4 18

B-site Spycam

The high placement makes this Spycam difficult to spot upon site entry. Gives you a great view of the entire B-site.

7 16
8 14

B-site Spycam 2

Another off-angle Spycam that the Attacking team will likely miss upon site entry. It gives you a great idea about where the Attacking team is planting and where the rest of the Attackers are hiding post-plant.

9 11
10 12

C-site Spycam 1

Off-angle Spycam that is generally hidden from the general view of the Attacking team upon site entry. Gives a great view of the C-site’s close corners.

11 14
12 8

C-site Spycam 2

Alternate Spycam placement for C-site to keep the enemy team guessing.

13 11
14 9

Lotus C-site Spycam 3

C-Entrance alternate Spycam reveals even more of C-site and some of C-Backsite.

15 11
16 9

Lotus Spycam for Attacking

Generally, Spycam is reserved for post-plant situations and flank-watch when playing Cypher on the Attacking side.

Coupled with Trapwire and Cybercage, Cypher can give his team the confidence to take the bombsite without fear of getting flanked from behind – a very easy thing to do on Lotus due to the Rotating Walls on A-site and C-site.

You can use Spycam to check corners quickly, but the long activation time means the enemy team will likely shoot down the Spycam before you can get any information.

A-site Rubble Spycam

Attacking Spycam that reveals players holding the A-Entrance angle. Can be left alone for flank-watch duties.

23 4
24 5

A-site Site Take Spycam

Great early information Spycam that reveals most of A-site on-site entry.

25 6
26 4

C-site Entrance Spycam

Early information C-site Spycam clears the C-site Entrance and some of the C-Backsite.

17 7
18 9

C-site Post-plant Spycam

Post-plant C-site Spycam that gives vision on the Spike post-plant. (Plant in the middle of the C-site platform for best results.)

19 9
20 7

C-Lobby Early Information Spycam

Early information C-Lobby Spycam to clear C-Mound,

21 8
22 6

Spying on the Enemy

Spycam can get you a few easy kills on Defense and make site entry a scary proposition for the Attacking team.

On the Attacking side, Cypher’s Spycam can help ensure you keep the enemy team in front of your own by deterring any flank attempts by the enemy team.

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