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Valorant is the first-person shooter game from the Creators of League of LegendsRiot. It took the world by storm when it was released in 2020 and is one of the most-played FPS games. What makes Valorant unique is the roster of their Agents with their own set of skills.

Valorant Duelist — Raze

Mastering the agents is one of the keys to fully mastering and enjoying the game. This will prove difficult because unlocking agents in Valorant isn’t easy — or cheap. The agents are divided into four types: Duelist, Sentinel, Initiator, and Controller. We’ve got you covered if you want to learn more about Duelists.

Duelists are agents that have the greatest firepower in the game. The description in the game reads :

Duelists are self-sufficient fraggers who their team expects, through abilities and skills, to get high frags and seek out engagements first.”

This is how Riot describes Duelists. Duelists are the cornerstone of damaging and cleaning the enemies’ ranks in the game. It’s fair to say that all agents have the same level of importance in the game, but Duelists are critical in a straight-up gunfight.

They are the true carriers in the game and should have the most kills at any time. The game has five Duelists with unique personalities: Raze, Jett, Yoru, Phoenix, and Reyna. Each has very different skills and, therefore, their specialty and playstyle.

Let’s check out one of these Duelists and help you determine if she will suit your playstyle.

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Valorant Duelist Raze Description

Raze hails from Brazil as one of the most — if not the most— aggressive agents in the game. Wreaking havoc is her job, and there’s plenty of work available. Her presence is recognized on the battlefield, and she isn’t shy to show off her skills. Raze’s explosive personality partnered with her; well, explosives can carry a team through sheer unadulterated damage.

Raze is easy to use, yet she is overpowered in the right hands. It has become a rite of passage for most players to learn how to use Raze to be better at the game. This Brazilian agent has the most damage-inflicting skills available in the game, making her a threat even at the hands of an average player. Raze is a mobile and damage-focused agent most new players would love to try.

Her skills are straightforward; learning them will set you apart from being an average player to a top-fragger. She can also damage her teammates with her skills, so using them should be done cautiously. Let’s talk about her skills and why she has the reputation that she does.


Valorant Duelist Raze Skills

Boombot – 300 credits

When you press C, Raze deploys a rumba-looking robot on the ground. It travels in a straight line and bounces off walls for 10 seconds. The Boombot doesn’t clean floors but kills enemies fairly effectively. Once it’s sighted an enemy target, it speeds up and proceeds to aim straight toward the poor target.

It explodes upon reaching the target for a maximum of 125 damage. The damage affects a small area and can easily take out two to three enemies standing too close to each other.


The Boombot is a great tool for reconnaissance and saves Raze from the risk of peeking around corners. She can simply deploy the Boombot to scan around the area. It makes a very distinguishable sound once it’s locked on a target giving Raze enough information about the approximate location of an enemy. Enemy agents can shoot it; if deployed in a very obvious pattern, it’s relatively easy to destroy.

The Boombot is a potent weapon if used with other skills or peeking. When enemy agents know they’ve been locked on, they will tend to shoot at it to avoid being blown off to oblivion. During this panic, you can pick them off while they are preoccupied with the exploding rumba. If it fails to sight an enemy, the Boombot will expire and just dismantle without causing an explosion.


Blast Pack- 200 credits

The Blast Pack skill is what makes Raze a very mobile and fun agent to use. Pressing Q will deploy a satchel that sticks to floors and walls. This can inflict a maximum of 50 damage when it explodes. It can be triggered by pressing the skill again or waiting for the fuse to expire, indicated by an audio cue.

The explosion from Blast Pack doesn’t damage Raze and her teammates, but it does propel you in any direction, depending on the placement. Deploying this directly below you will propel you upward, and — with quick hands — you can deploy another one midair further to propel you to the direction relative to the blast. This skill, however, is best used for mobility.


Blast Pack is very useful and unpredictable when used proficiently. You can use it for rushing in, dashing out of danger, scaling some obstructions like Sage’s walls, and putting some distance between you and an enemy in a close-quarters situation. This is tricky, and the wrong placement can propel you to danger, so practice this skill before using it in competitive combat.

Paint Shells – Free

This is the signature skill of Raze. It looks like a normal grenade and can be thrown like a normal grenade, but nothing about this grenade’s firepower is normal. Aside from Raze’s ultimate skill, this is her most powerful and useful skill. Pressing E will equip you with a grenade while Raze spins the grenade pin with her other hand.

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Throw the grenade to your target destination, and it will explode when the audio cue ends. After the initial explosion, it splits into four mini-explosions covering a wider area for a maximum damage output of 90.


The Paint Shell is as colorful as Raze’s personality as it leaves behind a splatter of paint in its wake like very painful graffiti. This skill’s ability to cover a wide area is very useful to make enemies come out of hiding and right into an open space where your crosshair waits for them.

This colorful grenade costs nothing and is automatically equipped when you start the round. The only way to recharge Paint Shells midgame is to frag two enemies. This gives you a maximum of three Paint Shells per round if you kill off 4 out of 5 enemies.


Maximize this skill by using it to give yourself and your teammates cover when moving across the battlefield while potentially damaging enemies simultaneously. Aim properly so you don’t accidentally blow up or damage your teammates. This grenade can make even the most experienced players panic and run for dear life.

Showstopper – 8 Ultimate Orbs

This is the Ultimate Skill of the Valorant Duelist Raze. Pressing X equips you with a Rocket Launcher that deals massive AOE damage. This can one-shot enemies and potentially grab you an Ace if the enemies are clustered together (for some reason).

You may not kill enemies with this skill if they are far from the point of impact — but it will still do considerable damage. In maps with areas filled with tight spaces like Split and Haven, it’s easy to get multiple kills using this skill.

When you equip this skill, you only have a few seconds to use it, so release the rocket before time runs out. Like the Paint Shell, this skill leaves behind a large splat of paint at the point of impact — reminding everyone who isn’t hit with the skill to back off.

Showstopper damages everyone indiscriminately, so aim properly and ensure your allies are far from the explosion radius. After you shoot the rocket, Raze is pushed backward, giving you enough room to wriggle out of danger after using your ultimate skill.


Valorant Duelist Raze Bonus Tips

  • Coordinate with your team when using the Boombot. You can deploy the Boombot from one side to force enemies to go out the other, where your teammates can position themselves and take the fleeing enemies individually.
  • You can quickly use your Blast Pack to peek around corners for that fast peek-a-boo shooting technique. Place your satchel on a wall and stand on either side as close to the wall as possible. This gives you a peeking speed faster than simply strafing left or right and can catch your enemies by surprise.
  • Your Blast Pack has more uses than just propelling you and other agents. Place a sachel on the floor and let your Boombot step over it. Timing the skill properly can make your Boombot jump over obstacles and attack areas that should have been Boombot-free. This trick takes some time to practice, and using it depends on the situation, so feel free to experiment with the combinations of your bot and satchels to get the most unpredictable results possible.
  • When you equip Showstopper, you HAVE to use it. Returning to your primary or secondary weapons will cancel your ultimate skill and use up all your Ultimate Orbs. The Blast Pack is an exemption. You can press Q to deploy a satchel while your rocket launcher is still on hand. This gives you much room to move and jump before releasing the colorful rocket. This also takes a lot of practice, so do this in the Range so you don’t waste your ultimate during Competitive play.

Valorant Duelist Raze Conclusion

Do you think Raze is for you? She’s a pretty straightforward Agent that exudes pure chaos and art. Having Raze on your team guarantees firepower if you play your cards right. We recommend Raze for new players so they can still have a reasonable number of frags while learning the ropes of the game.

The abilities of this Brazilian Beauty will take some time to learn and much more to master, but when you get the hang of these, you will be jumping up and down the battlefield raining down bullets — and grenades. If you want an unpredictable agent in the middle of a fight, then Raze is the one for you.


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