How To Get Radiant Points in Valorant


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You’ll need to know how to get Radiant Points to upgrade your skins in Valorant.

How To Get Radiant Points in Valorant

Weapon Skins are arguably the most sought-after cosmetics in Valorant. Whether it’s the clean headshot sounds of the Reaver Vandal or the cool retro animations of the Radiant Entertainment System, skins add a ton of cool visual and audio effects to make your headhunting just a bit more exciting.

Valorant’s Weapon Skins already look sick in stock form, but upgrading them to their max Level is the only way to bring out the best animations and effects. To do that, however, you will need Radiant Points.

This quick guide will show you how to get Radiant Points in Valorant.

What are Radiant Points for in Valorant?

Radiant Points, also known as Radianite Points, is a currency in Valorant. There are currently only three types of currency in Valorant – Valorant Points, Radianite Points, and Kingdom Credits. Each one serves a unique purpose and can only be used to purchase specific types of in-game items.

You can only use Radiant Points for one thing in Valorant – purchasing skin upgrades to improve sound effects, visual effects, and animations. You can even add a unique finisher animation in some specific skin lines.

How to Get Radiant Points

There are three sources for Radiant Points in Valorant: Battle Pass, Prime Gaming Drops, and purchasing RP directly with Valorant Points.

If you check the Valorant Battle Pass, a few Tiers will have Radiant Points as a reward. To get Radiant Points from the Battle Pass, you must progress through the Battle Pass Tiers by gaining XP.

Get Radiant Points in Valorant from the Battle Pass.

Having an Amazon Prime Gaming subscription and linking your Valorant account to your subscription can also net you a few Radiant Points now and then. Check the Amazon Prime Gaming website for the latest Valorant promotions.

With that said, the most reliable and straightforward method of getting Radiant Points in Valorant is by purchasing the currency with Valorant Points.

  1. Click on the R logo.
A screenshot of the main screen in Valorant

2. Pick the amount of Radiant Points you want to purchase.

You can get Radiant Points using Valorant Points.

How to use Radiant Points

  1. Click on the Collection button:
A screenshot of the main screen in Valorant

2. Click on the Skin you want to upgrade:

A screenshot of the Araxys Vandal in Valorant

3. Click on the View Upgrades option to upgrade your skin. You have to upgrade the skin to the lower levels before upgrading it to its final form.

Get Radiant Points to upgrade your skin to its max Level.

With enough Radiant Points, you can upgrade any skin to its maximum Level/Tier. You will need around 10 Radiant Points to upgrade a skin one tier or up to 30 Radiant Points to upgrade some skins fully.

How much are Radiant Points?

The bundle sells Radiant Points, and you cannot purchase any random amount you want. There are three RP bundles that you can choose from:

  • 20 Radianite Points
  • 40 Radianite Points
  • 80 Radianite Points

You can only use Valorant Points to purchase Radiant Points. Here are the prices:

  • 20 Radianite Points – 1600 VP
  • 40 Radianite Points – 2800 VP
  • 80 Radianite Points – 4800 VP

If you’re living in the US, 20 Radianite Points will cost around $20 since you need 1600 VP, and the closest VP bundle is the 1900 VP bundle, which costs $19.99.

Meanwhile, 40 Radianite Points will cost around $30 USD if you purchase the 950 VP bundle and a 1900 VP bundle.

Lastly, 80 Radianite Points will cost you around $49.99 since the closest VP bundle to the 4800 VP cost is the $49.99 VP bundle with 5350 VP.

As you can see from the pricing above, upgrading your skin through multiple Levels will cost significant money. Considering the initial cost of the skin plus the amount of Radianite Points required to max out its features, you’ll easily be spending around $50 on each skin you purchase.

Getting Radiant Points in Valorant

Getting Radiant Points is easy and costs a lot, but Radiant Points are also the only way to bring out your Skins’ best animations and sound effects. Follow the guide above and purchase Radiant Points to maximize your skins in Valorant.

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