VALORANT: Radiant Entertainment System Guide (Arcade Bundle)


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New act, new skin bundle.

VALORANT: Radiant Entertainment System Guide (Arcade Bundle)

VALORANT Episode 6 Act 3 is finally live with the arrival of Patch 6.08. The new update brings minor changes to Agents such as Gekko and Killjoy, the return of Bind, and a minor update to Short skins.

Speaking of Skins, Episode 6 Act 3 marks the arrival of one of the most controversial Skin Bundles in VALORANT – the Radian Entertainment System Bundle, also known as the Arcade Bundle.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Arcade Bundle in this quick guide.

Arcade Bundle Overview

The Arcade Bundle raised eyebrows not because of how sick the Skins looked but because of how ridiculously expensive it was. For a whopping 11,900 VALORANT Points, you’ll get a bundle containing a Phantom, Ghost, Bulldog, Operator, and Melee weapon skins inspired by retro arcade games from the 90s.

28 12

Despite the high price tag, the Arcade Bundle features some of any bundle’s most comprehensive skin designs and animations yet. Individual guns are given their retro-gaming feel, while the kill animations are a fun throwback to popular arcade games.

All Skins in the Arcade Bundle

The new Arcade Bundle features three variants – Bazooka Badger, Dance Fever, and K. Nock O. UT!! Each variant features retro-gaming-inspired weapon and kill animations inspired by arcade games from the 90s.

Only five weapons are getting Arcade Skins; for now, these are:

  • Bulldog
  • 13 13
  • 22 9
  • 23 11
  • Ghost
  • 11 16
  • 24 11
  • 25 9
  • Melee Weapon
  • 14 12
  • 20 12
  • 21 10
  • Operator
  • 10 15
  • 26 11
  • 27 9
  • Phantom
  • 12 12
  • 18 12
  • 19 12

Aside from weapon skins, three unique player cards, three Gun Buddies, and two Sprays are also available in the bundle.

15 9
16 9
17 10
4 31
5 28
6 20
7 20
8 14

How much is the Arcade Bundle?

The Arcade Bundle is the most expensive VALORANT bundle yet, costing an eye-watering 11,900 VALORANT Points. For that much money, you’re getting one of the most sophisticated skin animations yet.

To get the Arcade Bundle, you need to have 12,000 VP. You can get 12,000 VP from the VALORANT Store by purchasing two 5350 VP Bundles for $49.99 each and then purchasing a 2050 VP Bundle for $19.99. The total cost will be just under $120.00.

The new Arcade Bundle features many cool features such as custom weapons animations, bullet tracers, and kill animations that will look very familiar to some popular arcade games from the past.

Is the Arcade Bundle Worth it?

At 12,000 VP or $120.00, the Arcade Bundle might not be worth the sky-high price to some players. With that said, you also have the option to purchase individual weapon skins from the bundle if you’re looking to save some money, as each gun skin will cost just 2975 VP, while the melee skin costs 5950 VP.

Purchasing all the individual skins will cost around 17850 VP, so if you’re looking to get most of the skins in the bundle anyway, purchasing the entire set for less might be a good idea.

The Arcade Bundle is the most expensive VALORANT Skin Bundle, but the fully-custom effects and intricate animations might make the cost worthwhile for some players.

A Game Within A Game

Retro gaming fans will love the new Radiant Entertainment System Bundle for its awesome arcade-inspired animations and subtle throwbacks to games of the past.

If you can look past the Radiant Entertainment System Bundle’s hefty price tag, hurry and get your hands on it before it’s too late. The bundle will only be available until around May 18th.

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