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The Great Snowboar King, commonly known by adventurers as the Boar King, is a unique mini-boss in Genshin Impact found in Dragonspine. It is a giant wild boar rumored to be the true ruler of the icy mountain region.

How to Beat the Great Snowboar King in Genshin Impact

This giant beast will attack anyone who enters and terrorize the other wild boars in its territory. While only having a few attack moves, each will deal huge damage if you get hit. And with Dragonspine’s special weather condition that will trigger Sheer Cold, a fight against the Snowboar King can be very deadly.

Location of the Boar King

The Snowboar King’s lair is a small flat area on the side of the mountain found a little southeast of the Entombed City – Ancient Palace. You can teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Dragonspine and then glide your way to the area.

You can tell it is the place when you see several frozen or ice-encased boars.

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Use Pyro to melt the ice that froze these animals and then hit them with any attack to kill them. When all the frozen boars are killed, the Great Snowboar King will appear and attack you.

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World Quest

Your first encounter with the boar king will probably be through a world quest titled “Ah, Fresh Meat!” which you can get from Harris—the chef in the camp at the foot or entrance of Dragonspine. This quest requires you to obtain ten pieces of chilled meat and then kill the great beast to collect meat from it.

After that, Harris will give the recipe of Goulash, a dish that decreases the rate of Sheer Cold accumulation.

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Attack Moves

Charging Thrust

The Snowboar King’s most common attack is scratching the ground and then charging forward to hit you with its tusk.

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An excellent tactic is standing behind a wall, leading the Snowboar King to hit the wall. If it hits the wall, it will be stunned for a few seconds and give you a window to attack or use recovery items.

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However, if the Snowboar King gets stunned this way three times, it will go berserk or enter an enraged state.


For this attack, the Snowboar King will summon four wild boars, and together they will throw snowballs in front of them.

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Dodging this attack is easy because whichever direction the Boar King faces when it summons its minions will be the final direction where the projectiles are thrown.

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If you get hit by this attack, your view will be blocked with snow, and your active character’s movement speed will be reduced temporarily.

Berserker Mode

The Snowboar King’s fur will have a darker color in this enraged state, and its eyes will glow red.

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It will still make the attacks listed above, but hitting the wall as it charges will no longer stun it.


This attack will only be made when the great beast is in berserker mode. It will violently jump in its place as if in a tantrum and damage anyone near it. This action will then cause large lumps of snow to fall randomly around the area.

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The strategy here is to move away as the Snowboar King changes in color and then watch for markings on the ground as they indicate where the falling snow will hit.

TIP: When facing the Great Snowboar King, consume a Goulash to reduce the accumulation of Sheer Cold and bring a Warming Bottle to diminish it. Getting a healer and using Pyro attacks will also be very helpful.


Your encounters with the rumored true ruler of Dragonspine could be a challenge, but it will unlock a few hidden achievements.

The first time defeating this unique boss will unlock the achievement titled “Assassin of Kings.”

When you get defeated by the Great Snowboar King, you will unlock the achievement “The Hunter Becomes the Hunted.”

If you defeat this giant beast while in its enraged state, you will unlock the “Chill Out! achievement.

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When you need to farm for chilled meat, hunting the Great Snowboar King is one of the best options. However, unlike other world bosses, this unique boss will only respawn during game reset. You need to wait another real-world day to challenge and defeat it again.

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